Special Guests

Every year, Cyprus Comic Con welcomes an exciting line up of celebrity Special Guests, from all corners of the pop culture spectrum, including film and TV actors, comic book artists, professional cosplayers, musicians and more!

Visitors are given the opportunity to get their precious memorabilia or a personalised photograph signed, as well as chat and take photos and selfies with their favourite guests. Furthermore,  a series of panels, workshops and exclusive interviews with the Special Guests are held on both days of the convention, so make sure to check the comic con schedule so as to not miss them!

Film & Television

Special Guest Headliner: Anthony Daniels, Star Wars’ “C-3PO”

Anthony Daniels Star Wars' "C-3PO" Special Guest Headliner for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Cyprus Comic Con has the great honour and delight of announcing the English actor and mime artist Anthony Daniels – best known for his role as “C-3PO” in the Star Wars saga and the only actor to have participated in all nine [...]

Special Guest: Eugene Simon, GoT’s Lancel Lannister

Eugene Simon Game of Thrones' “Lancel Lannister” Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Cyprus Comic Con has the pride to announce British actor Eugene Simon - best known for his role as “Lancel Lannister” in the HBO series Game of Thrones - as one of its Special Guests for 2019! In-Booth Signing & Panel information * Booth [...]

Special Guest: Ross Mullan, GoT’s White Walker

Ross Mullan Game of Thrones' “White Walker” Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Cyprus Comic Con has the pleasure of announcing the Canadian-British actor and puppeteer Ross Mullan - mostly known for his appearance in Game of Thrones as the “White Walker” – as one of its Special Guests for this year’s event! In-Booth Signing, [...]

Art & Comics

Special Guest: Aneke

Aneke Illustrator & Comic Artist Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Aneke Murillenem is an illustrator, penciller, inker and a lover of comics from Spain. She has worked for Dynamite in titles such as Vampirella, Red Sonja, Red Sonja Legenderry, Damsels, Battlestar Galactica 1880, Bombshells, Bombshells Suicide Squad, Gotham City Garage and The House of Whisper. Aneke [...]

Special Guest: Guillermo Ortego

Guillermo Ortego Illustrator & Comic Book Artist Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Guillermo was born and raised in Madrid, but he is currently living in London. He completed a degree in History in 2009 and since then he has been inking comic books and illustrating books and magazines. For more of Guillermo Ortego's work [...]

Special Guest: William Simpson

William Simpson  Leader story board artist for Game of Thrones Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 To see more of Simpson's work for Game of Thrones, follow his Facebook Fanpage. In-Booth Signing & Panel information GoT themed Panels Williams Simpson will be joining Eugene Simon and Ross Mullan on both Saturday (20th April) and Sunday (21st [...]


Special Guest: Ali Cosplay & Props

CCC is proud to announce that its third Cosplay Special Guest for CCC19 is the talented Ali Cosplay & Props! Ali is a cosplayer and prop maker from the Czech Republic. He started cosplaying in 2014 and he chooses characters mainly from video games. He specialises in crafting armours and painting. Ali does not only enjoy cosplaying […]

Special Guest: Germia

Cyprus Comic Con is pleased to announce Germia as its second Cosplay Special Guest for CCC2019! Germia is a Czech cosplayer, gamer, crafter and gaming streamer. She is known for bringing strong female characters to life. She first got into cosplay in 2015 and since then she has managed to become quite established in the cosplay world. […]

Special Guest: Ketrin Cosplay

CCC is thrilled to announce Ketrin Cosplay as its final Cosplay Special Guest for CCC19! Ketrin is a cosplayer from the Czech Republic. She has been cosplaying since 2011 and although she does not do it for a living, she hopes that she will be able to do that at some point. Ketrin loves armours […]

Special Guest: Maul Cosplay

We are proud to announce Maul Cosplay from Germany as one of our Cosplay Special Guests for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Ben, aka Maul Cosplay initially started cosplaying as a hobby while he was working as a film stuntman. After 10 years of cosplaying, Ben decided to become a professional cosplay promoter. Some of his […]


Special Guest: DJ Elliot

DJ Elliot Special Guest for CCC2019 We are excited to announce DJ Elliot as one of our headlining DJ Guests for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Elliot is one of Central Florida’s top DJs/Entertainers. DJ Elliot will be joining us on the CCC Outdoor Festival and the CCC After Party alongside DJ Level Up Leroy. His set times […]

Special Guest: Level Up Leroy

Level Up Leroy Comic Con DJ Special Guest for CCC2019 We are excited to announce top nerdy UK DJ, Level Up Leroy as one of our headlining DJ Guests for Cyprus Comic Con 2019! Level up Leroy prides himself on being a purveyor of the finest Nerd and Geek beats, having DJ’ed at comic cons […]