Cosplay, short for Costume Play, is a popular activity where individuals dress up and embody characters from pop culture, including cartoons, anime, manga, comics, video games, movies, or TV shows. Many cosplayers dedicate their time and creativity to handcrafting their costumes to accurately resemble the characters they portray, while others opt for readily-made ones for a fun time!

At Cyprus Comic Con, we warmly welcome a diverse and vibrant community of cosplayers each year, providing them with various benefits and amenities to enhance their cosplay journey:

  • Free entrance to the event *
  • Free professional photos at the CCC Cosplay Photobooths **
  • Access to the Cosplay Village where they can meet fellow cosplayers and take group photos
  • Access to a cloakroom where they can safely store their belongings
  • Access to a private changing room
  • Access to a fully equipped repair station
  • The chance to compete and win huge prizes!

* Free entrance will be granted to anyone who is clearly in full costume.
** The free photos will be distributed on our social media after the event, you can purchase HQ versions or prints from the photographers.

Cosplay Contests

At Cyprus Comic Con, we host two cosplay contests during the event weekend.

Both contests take place on the main stage of CCC as fun colourful shows. They focus on craftsmanship and accurate portrayal and are open to cosplayers of all experience levels, from beginners to more proficient enthusiasts. Participants are encouraged to showcase their creativity and skill by entering with their handmade or partly handmade costumes, as long as they meet the contest requirements and criteria.

Please note that participants are allowed to compete in both contests, provided they wear a different costume for each contest.

The Mediterranean Cosplay Championship (MCC) caters to experienced and dedicated cosplayers, with strict criteria for exceptional craftsmanship and creativity. The contest features a solo stage performance and serves as the gateway to selecting the Cypriot representative for the esteemed Europa Cosplay Cup. With higher stakes and international recognition, MCC attracts passionate cosplayers eager to display their talents on a grand stage.

The CCC Masquerade provides a laid-back and enjoyable experience for cosplayers seeking fun on stage. Unlike the MCC, it offers flexible criteria, welcoming cosplayers of all levels and nationalities. The focus is on having a great time and showcasing creativity, rather than meeting strict requirements. Despite being less competitive, the Masquerade still offers exciting prizes!