Special Guest: Calypsen Cosplay

Photography: Studio Zahora

Cyprus Comic Con is proud to announce Calypsen Cosplay as our first Cosplay Special Guest for CCC17!

Marta Nowak is a young cosplayer based in Poznan, Poland, where she is currently studying graphic design and animation. She has only been making costumes for the last three years and in such short time, has gathered over 60k followers on Facebook and collaborated with game companies like CENEGA, for which she also created costumes. She also attended the Overwatch All Stars event in Warsaw, Poland as D.Va!

She loves creating fantasy and sci-fi armours and has made costumes such as Nova from StarCraft, Diana from League of Legends and Mercy from Overwatch. Her main goal is to spread the craft of creating handmade costumes to the world, encourage people to respect each other’s work and have fun with cosplay! As a Special Guest at conventions all around the world, Marta always tries to help new cosplayers with how to go about creating their own costumes and loves to offer her advice. She is not afraid of the heat gun or the hard, long hours of work that come with the art of cosplay! Her favorite part of a convention is being a judge for the cosplay contest, where she also gets to meet many talented people!

She has received several awards for her cosplay, including 1st place prize at Hall of Games 2014 and 1st place for Best Costume during Animatsuri 2015 in Poland.

You can follow Calypsen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Calypsen as a judge at CCC17’s EuroCosplay Qualifier

Photography: Foto Czarny


Marta will be one of our Special Guest judges for the EuroCosplay Qualifier on Saturday and will also be sharing her expertise with us at the following lectures:





Topic: Crafting Armour with EVA Foam & Thermoplastics (joint lecture with another Cosplay guest)
Duration: 1h30m



Topic: How to Start Creating a Cosplay Costume
Duration: 1h



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