Mediterranean Cosplay Championship

A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Performance!

MCC is a prestigious solo cosplay contest tailored for seasoned crafters who have a deep passion for cosplay. Craftsmanship takes center stage, demanding a high level of skill, precision, and creativity in costume making. This event is designed for cosplayers who take their craft seriously and are eager to showcase their exceptional talents. The contestants will get the opportunity to perform a 1-2 minute skit on the biggest CCC stage, featuring their chosen music and lights!

MCC warmly welcomes individuals who are citizens and/or residents of countries primarily located in or near the Mediterranean Sea, spanning regions from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The goal of MCC is to promote inclusivity and fairness by providing equal opportunities for representation to countries with smaller and younger cosplay communities like ours, fostering a diverse and vibrant environment for participants from various countries surrounding our little island.

Europa Cosplay Cup Partnership

Additionally, MCC is planned to serve as the qualifier for the prestigious Europa Cosplay Cup Final, granting the highest-scoring eligible contestant the honor of representing Cyprus at the third season of the Europa Cosplay Cup Final at Toulouse Game Show, France, on December 1st 2024. This fantastic opportunity allows local cosplayers to showcase their creativity and skills on a global stage, leaving a mark in the world of cosplay!


Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing 2024’s three special guest cosplay judges very soon!

To qualify for MCC, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 17 years old or over by the day of the competition (October 5th 2024)
  • Have government issued documents proving citizenship/nationality or permanent residence in one of the following countries: Cyprus (South & North), Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and UAE.
    • Alternatively have proof of temporary residence in Cyprus (South & North).
  • Have a fully handmade costume
  • Your costume must have been made primarily by yourself with only minor help from others.
  • Your costume must be derived from an official source; fan art, original designs (OC), mashups, gender swaps, etc., are not eligible. However, exceptions may be made for designs by independent artists like @sakizoillustrator, @hannah_alexander_artwork and @noflutter, whose designs are widely cosplayed. Exceptions are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Cosplayers who have received a top 3 winning position in any past CCC main event contest can’t re-use that costume.
  • Embrace the possibility of not winning. Remember, being a gracious loser is essential in becoming a skilled cosplayer, as your ethos plays a significant role in shaping your abilities.
  • Register: Once you apply using the form, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that we have received your registration.
  • Send in your photos: To complete your application, you have to send photos of your costume to the cosplay team following this guide. More info can be found in the registration form.
  • Screening process: The cosplay team will then assess your application and will let you know via email if you’ve made it into the contest. Anyone who doesn’t make it into MCC, is welcome to compete in the Masquerade on Sunday.
  • Stage performance preparation: The approved cosplayers will then be able to discuss their stage performance with the cosplay team. Another form will be sent in order to communicate lights, props and music.
  • Stage practice: An optional practice day will take place on the competition stage on the week before the event. More information will be sent directly to the contestants.

There will be a private judging session before the stage show, where the judges can closely look at your costume and ask you questions. We recommend you bring a few printed pages of reference images and work in progress pictures explaining your crafting process.

Construction – 35%

The judges will pay close attention to:

  • the quality, stitching and finish of fabric
  • the choice of structural materials such as foam, worbla, wood or cardboard and the way they were treated
  • the detail put into crafting the decorations and trimmings
  • the overall techniques used and the originality of ideas applied in the costume
  • the quality of the wigs, wig-styling, props, customised shoes and makeup

Accuracy – 35%

The judges will be checking how faithful your costume, hair, make-up and props are to the character you’re cosplaying as. Important things to look for are dimensions, material and textures, colours and detailing. The reference photos you provide are incredibly important.

Performance – 30%

The goal is to look as much like your cosplay character as possible, this includes body motions and poses. Your stage performance can be dramatic or comedic or a mix of both. Overall a good performance should entertain the audience and the judges.

  • All contestants are required to perform a skit lasting between 1 to 2 minutes on the cosplay stage.
  • An mp3 clip of the performance audio has to be provided by the contestant.
  • Lighting settings will be discussed with the cosplay team.
  • Stage props with the maximum dimensions of 2m x 2m  x 1m are allowed and should require 30 seconds or less stage preparation time.
  • A chair can be requested in advance.
  • A blackout screen (a stand with a black foreground which an average sized human hide behind on stage) will be provided if needed.
  • Cosplay Rules and Guidelines apply

To be eligible for representing Cyprus in the Europa Cosplay Cup Final, you need to:

  • Be 18 years old or over by the start of the Toulouse Game Show (December 1st 2024)
  • Have proof of citizenship, permanent or temporary residency in Cyprus (South & North)
  • Be available to travel to Toulouse, France, during the dates of the final (December 1st 2024) with valid travel documents.
    • If a visa is required, it must be handled by the representative themselves, including the application and costs. Important to note that MCC and E2C are only about 1.5 months apart.
  • Comply with all the rules in the official Europa Cosplay Cup Rules (click to view)

The Europa Cosplay Cup (E2C) is a prestigious cosplay competition organized by France Cosplay, a non-profit organization with extensive experience in hosting cosplay contests in France, Belgium, and Switzerland for over a decade. The E2C aims to promote the art of cosplay and foster a sense of community among cosplayers across Europe. The final of the competition takes place at the Toulouse Game Show, a popular event that brings together enthusiasts of video games, manga, sci-fi, comics, and fantasy worlds. With the participation of around fifteen events from various European countries, each selecting a representative through their own cosplay contests, the E2C showcases the talents of cosplayers from all over Europe. The winners are awarded cash prizes and the opportunity to serve as jury members in the following year’s competition. Additionally, the overall winner becomes an ambassador for cosplay in Europe and gains the chance to travel to other European events, sharing their passion and skills with a wider audience. The E2C provides a platform for cosplayers to create lasting memories, establish new connections, and exhibit their talents on an impressive stage.

More Info at:

Competition Day: Saturday October 5th 2024

Maximum Entries: 15

Registration Deadline: Friday September 6th –  Online Only


To be announced!

1st Eligible: 

Representation of Cyprus at the Europa Cosplay Cup Final 2024!

+ Return travel expenses to Toulouse, France & accommodation
+ Entrance to the Toulouse Game Show

2nd Eligible:

Will be selected as a runner up in case the selected representative is unable to participate in the final.