Special Guest: Germia

Milos Mlady Photography

Cyprus Comic Con is pleased to announce Germia as its second Cosplay Special Guest for CCC2019!

Germia is a Czech cosplayer, gamer, crafter and gaming streamer. She is known for bringing strong female characters to life. She first got into cosplay in 2015 and since then she has managed to become quite established in the cosplay world.
She has won several different local and international cosplay contests, including the EuroCosplay Championship (2016) at MCM London Comic Con and Season 8 of European Cosplay Gathering (2018) at Japan’s Expo Ichigo stage along with her fellow Czech cosplayers Ali and Ketrin in the group category. Germia is now invited to be a cosplay guest, judge and panellist at conventions all around the world.

Follow Germia’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see more of her excellent cosplays!

Germia always concentrates on honest and good craftsmanship while also approaching cosplay creatively. She likes to work with a lot of different materials and she is always trying to find new ways on how to work more effectively, be more creative and work with the best/cheap material alternatives or how incorporate everyday stuff in her costumes.

She works as a teacher so naturally she finds that it’s very important for cosplayers to share their knowledge with each other. She loves giving back to the Cosplay community by sharing tutorials, experience and her opinions. Germia owns a YouTube channel where she posts cosplay tutorials as well as other videos.

It is not a coincidence that Germia chooses to cosplay mainly characters from video games as she is a big gamer herself. She has a Twitch account where she streams in Czech but also answers questions in English, German and Russian. Some of the games she plays include Dota 2, League of Legends, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.

Milos Mlady Photography

Germia as a judge at the CCC19 EuroCosplay Qualifier

Germia will be one of our Special Guest judges for the EuroCosplay Qualifier on Saturday and will also be sharing her expertise with us at the following panels:

  • Saturday (20th of April)

Topic: Cosplay Priming And Painting

  • Sunday (21st of April)

Topic: How To Be Successful In Cosplay Contests

*Full info of panels to be confirmed once the Cyprus Comic Con 2019 schedule is announced