Artists’ Alley

The Artists’ Alley is a dedicated space for professional and semi-professional artists to showcase their talent, interact with other creative minds and art enthusiasts, draw commissioned sketches and sell prints, as well as other merchandise of their work.

If you are looking for a unique souvenir to take home with you that’s crafty and creative, then make sure to visit the Artists’ Alley and browse the creative works on display! Or, even better, ask one of the artists to create a custom, commissioned sketch for you of your favourite character!

Abyss Arts & Crafts

Marouso Kalaitzoglou, otherwise known as Abyss Arts & Crafts, was born in Athens in 1996. Characteristic of her cosplays is her fidelity to the fictional character she reflects. She has won prizes in several Greek Cosplay competitions, but also excellent collaborations with domestic and foreign companies, with a highlight of her collaboration with Warner Bros. […]

Aikaterini Sarantinou

Erinto is a senior in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the University of West Attica. She has been illustrating for as long as she can remember, and has been creating worlds for half of that time. One of her most cherished goals as a screenwriter and artist is to introduce her audience to Greek […]

Anastasia Iveta Kozlova

It’s was year 1993… Just kidding, I was raised in Latvia and moved to Cyprus when I was around 17-ish (teen years, you never fully recover from all the drama ha-ha-ha). Drawing as a form of self-expression was in my life since I can remember, but conscious choice of a more comic/anime style came when […]

Anastasia Korneychuk

My name is AK, known online as Zekrum. I am a 21 year old digital artist from Limassol, aiming to one day become a concept artist or an illustrator. For most of my artistic journey I’ve been self-taught. Then eventually I studied at Digireal Studios and then finally in uni. I’m a student at the […]

Anastasia Nicolaou

Hi, I’m Anastasia also known as tasiadraws. I’m a 2D and 3D artist from Cyprus who loves creating characters, especially femme fatales! I studied Game Art at Falmouth University and have worked as a 3D designer for mobile games. My style is mainly stylized with a pinch of realism and juicy highlights. As for my […]

Anastasia Tyshkevich

My name is Anastasia Tyshkevich, I’m 30 years old. I’m a self-taught artist. I was born in a small syberian village. I always was drawing, but didn’t have an easy access to the pop culture in childhood. For gaming I had a chinese NES knockoff. We didn’t have internet, and there was only 2 boring […]

Andreani Soupashi

Andreani Soupashi is a Cyprus-born artist, who focuses on digital art and illustration. She started out young, taking art lessons and scribbling in school notebooks in black ballpoint pen. Her favourite subjects include horses, cowboys, warriors and birds. When she’s not working on original art, she likes to illustrate heroes from tv shows and movies, […]

Andreas Neophytou

Andreas Neophytou is a 2d Illustrator based in the city of Nicosia in Cyprus. He has drawn fanart and some original stuff, he has loved drawing since he was very little and has never stopped drawing. His goal is to improve his skills while having fun and one day get to work somewhere to use […]

Andreas Varnava

Hello! A Self Taught painter and sketcher, originally from pencil to oil paint and now even digital. I like painting and sketching people in fantasy scenarios and lately I have been illustrating my and my friends’ DnD campaign. To see more of Andrea’s work make sure to visit his Website.

Andriana Achilleos

Andriana Achilleos has always loved art but never thought about pursuing it professionally until  she accidentally ended up in a graphic design course in high school due to the course she wanted to follow being full. After studying graphic design her  passion for art grew even more, finishing GCE in contemporary art and with that […]

Anestis Mavrommatis Parasidis

Anestis Mavrommatis Parasidis was born in 1994 in Thessaloniki. He is a graduate of the Department of History & Archaeology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2012 he started creating illustrations and comics. Since then, he has taken part in several exhibitions and festivals in Greece and Europe. In […]

Anna Miltiadou

Anna Miltiadou was born in Nicosia in 1990. She studied Graphic & Advertising Design at Frederick University. She continued her studies at Nottingham Trent University were she acquired an MA in Illustration. Currently she is an Art Director at Partners VMLY&R, one of the leading advertising agencies in Cyprus. BrainFKR is her alter ego that […]

Anna Theodosiou

I am a graphic designer that works as a freelancer and as an director in magazines. I studied in Akto Art and design and received a bachelors degree in arts from middlesex university. I have wirked in Athens for 5 years and then came back to cyprus. I am Inspired by movies, cartoons, cinema, superheroes, […]

Annisia Iacovou

Annisia Iacovou is a 23 year old, self-taught artist born and raised in Nicosia. She discovered her interest in artistic expression through creation, including music and drawing, from a very young age. Moreover, she likes to experiment with different art materials and different types of art such as painting, sculpting, digital art and recently also […]

Anthi Metaxa

From a young age, I always had a passion for art and was mainly self taught. As I got older, I would use cartoons and anime as well as video games as a form of inspiration for my artwork. For my work, I will be showcasing my personal work as well as some student films […]

Antonios Antoniou (ArtofNoxis)

I am a self taught conceptual illustrator. I have been drawing ever since I can remember myself with my drawings focusing around dinosaurs and superheroes, my two great loves! After studying Graphic Design in London, I worked for a limited period of time at a well known magazine, but always wanted to do my own […]

Antonios Tzanoukakis

Tony Tzanoukakis is an Greek Australian artist who has been working as a professional Illustrator for the last 11 years. He studied graphic design at the technological institution of Athens from where he graduated in 2008 He became known to the public, by his pinup themed images, where he combines comic characteristics with the beauty […]

Antonis Papamichael

I am a self taught artist inspired by comic and manga art. To see more of Antoni’s work make sure to visit his page on Instagram.

Antreas Mouskou

Antreas Mouskou is an Illustrator from Nicosia, Cyprus and specialises in Digital Illustration. Creating realistic illustrations and graphics based on stories and experiences. His previous studies included Animation & VFX where he specialized in 3D Modeling and texturing. To see more of Antrea’s work make sure to visit his Website.

Arcanum Comics

Marios Yiangou (writer), Demetres Panayides (artist), Rami Abdo (editor) Arcanum Comics is a collaborative project between friends, created to explore the unlimited storytelling potential of the world of comic books while producing other iconic merchandise in the process. After self-publishing the first installment of DÆMONIUM in 2017 (a horror story set in Cyprus) the collective […]

Arinela Kociko

Hello, my name is Arinela and I’m a freelance artist. I have six years of experience working on comic books and illustrations. I studied three years Comic Book Design in Athens and one year Visual Development in Rome (IDEA ACADEMY) I have self published four comic books titles and I have two with a publisher […]

Artemis Karamani

Artemis  is a self-taught Cypriot artist. She has started drawing digitally in quarantine to get through the boredom of high school online classes. She gets inspired by movies, anime, videogames and comic style art to create her  own works. Right now she is  studying in CUT university as a graphic designer. Her future goals are […]

BlanketBurrito and Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi

Lydia Eleftheria Papaconstantinou BlanketBurrito – Artist and Writer Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi – Artist and Writer BlanketBurrito has studied Graphic Design & Visual Communication in the University of West Attica and continued for a Masters on Animation in the same University. Daphne V. Thermidi, also a student of Graphic Design and Animation in the same University, […]

Brain Jar Entertainment

Kyriakos Zakos, Achilleas, Pitsillides, Andreas Ioannou Brain Jar Entertainment is a game development team that combines the unique skills of three exceptional artists, each with their own area of expertise. Brain jar’s aspiration is to produce visually stunning products, deputing it’s first ever game demo to Cyprus Comic Con 2023 inviting the audience to experience […]

Calliope Maria Dolcetti

Kalliopi (Kalli) Dolceti is an artist residing and creating in Athens. Her creative wellspring draws from classic fairy tales, contemporary pop culture, and the nuances of everyday life. Freshly graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Athens and actively contributing to the development of comics and children’s literature, Kalli always seeks innovative methods to […]

Cathrinn K

My name is St0rmC Blue (Shorten for Storm cloud) known also as”Blue Lady” because of my frequent use of the colour blue and mostly cool colors on my work. Am a self taught artist, and I like to draw mostly horror themed art with a lot of graphic but colorful gore themes. Almost all of […]

Chiara Gilardi

My name is Seb, short for Sebastian, and I’m an amateur 20-year-old illustrator from Italy, who is currently based in Cyprus! I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and I’m in university studying illustration now, and prior to this I was mostly self taught! I make loads of fan art in my free time, […]

Christina Procopiou

Get to know me ^-^. Hey guys, my name is Chirstina, the face behind nekko.embroidery, and I’ve started playing around with embroidery in 2016. It’s a hobby that I dedicate time to relax and enjoy my free time in peace. I absolutely love embroidering nerd themed hoops, like characters from movies, anime and games. I’m […]

Christodoulos Antoniou

Christodoulos is a self-taught artist who has been creating art since he was a child.He has always been inspired by comic books, movies, and video games, and these influences are reflected in his work. He specialises in illustration, painting and sculptures. His current project is drawing different goblins and mythical creatures which he thinks on […]

Christofis Agathokleous

I was born in Limassol in 1990 and more specifically I am from the Agios Tychonas village. I graduated from Linopetra Lyceum, where subsequently I enlisted in the National Guard, and served on the Green Line. Afterwards began my studies in Sociology at the School of Humanities of University of Crete and later on completed […]

Christos Loizou

Christos Loizou has always had a fascination with art as a subject so this is why he started studying art and learning all these different art forms, media and techniques. When he is free from the university he spent time illustrating, creating concept art and character design. He loves bringing characters and concepts to life […]

Chryso Vasiliou

I’m Chryso Vasiliou but I go with the name “Chryssv”. I’ve been working as a freelance digital artist for the past 8 years and also working as a 2D game artist for mobile games. My passion and focus is character art, illustration and concept art. Lately I’ve also been working on my background illustration skills. […]

Connie Tsichlogianni

Connie Tsichlogianni is a comic book artist and illustrator living in Athens. She has a BA degree in Graphic Design, and has attended different comic book classes under the guidance of Nicolas Stefadouros (2019) and Nikos Koutsis(2022-23). Since 2019 she has illustrated various zines internationally, has collaborated with various Greek publishing houses such as ADDART […]

Constantina Andreou

My name is Constantina Andreou and I’m a 2D designer/illustrator. I discovered my passion for art & illustration 4 years ago as part of my master’s degree on Computer Games and Interactive Technologies. Since 2019 I have been working for a mobile gaming company in Cyprus as a 2D designer, while in my personal time […]

Constantinos Georgiou

Constantinos is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, but for the past decade, his primary focus has been on the field of tattooing. His aspirations and future goals as an artist are to continue exploring different mediums and techniques to express his ideas, inspiring others to question their perception of reality. Through this process, he aims to […]

Digireal Studios

Digireal Studios is an Animation & Visual FX company training the next generation of multimedia artists and providing state of the art digital solutions in a variety of media productions for Film & Games since 2010. We provide services and train students and professionals (in both Greek and English language) in the fields of 2D […]

Dimitris Gavalas

Dimitris (@zestybob) is a queer artist and lives in Athens. His work examines the cold familiarity between subject and observer, while he often focuses on the human form in outdoor spaces. He thus creates timeless places, which welcome themes inspired from the cultures of voyeurism and the queer identity. He’s self-taught and apart from his […]

Dimitris Pantazis

Dimitris Pantazis has worked for magazines abroad and in Greece has worked with game companies designing characters. He did the illustrations for the book “Gang with the Blue socks” from AEOLOS publications. He has done covers for issues for BOOM STUDIOS, SCOUT COMICS, participation in IMAGE’s rumble, and participation in A WAVE BLUE WORLD’s group […]

Eldar Selimov

His previous projects can be viewed at the link and also at his Instagram account as well as his short comics with his original characters on the instagram account @idrewyourmom For the past few years he has been working on a big comic, which is in it’s final stage. Some pages can be viewed […]

Elpida Kyriakou

Over the years, Elpida explored traditional art, comics, and manga, and even dabbled in digital art. For traditional art she specialized in making illustrations with Ink and Watercolors, always inspired by anime and nature. After graduation, she was fortunate enough to land a job at Framestore, one of the leading VFX studios. As for her […]

Estel Azatova

Estel Azatova has been interested in art since she was a little girl. She has graduated from university as a landscape architect. But in her heart she always dreamed of creating games. When she realized what she wanted to do, she started taking various courses and learning the necessary skills. Tried different directions and determined […]

Fares Zoghlami

Fares Zoghlami, known by his artist name Approtis, is a self-taught illustrator and comic artist who has been creating art since he was a child. As the son of an architect, he learned about perspective and shading at a young age, and always had a pen in his hand whether it was traditional or digital. […]

Filippos Ntegidis

Degphilip is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer that resides in Thessaloniki, Greece. He graduated from the Florina School of Fine Arts in 2011, and the Comink school in 2016, in which he teaches digital art since 2019. He has been working professionally as a freelance illustrator since 2017, creating portraits, animations, book covers, and illustrations […]

George Bilianides

George Bilianides, has been drawing for 10 years.He is  self-taught and is now studying Graphic design in Frederick University in Nicosia. He wants to become a comic book artist and write comic books that will inspire people for generations like Stan Lee. He has always loved Marvel comic books and the world Stan Lee created […]

George Papailiou

George is a comic book artist and illustrator living in Athens. From a young age, he liked drawing and reading comics and in 2016 he started taking lessons from comic book artist Nicolas Stefadouros. So far, he has created a number of comic books like “Night Hunters“ (self-published), “60 Seconds to Τhe Εnd“ ( published […]

George Theodorides

George is a comic book artist and illustrator living in Athens. From a young age, he liked drawing and reading comics and in 2016 he started taking lessons from comic book artist Nicolas Stefadouros. So far, he has created a number of comic books like “Night Hunters“ (self-published), “60 Seconds to Τhe Εnd“ ( published […]

Gregory Grozos

I am Gregory Grozos and I am a miniature artist. I call my creations ‘miniature worlds’ because that is what I exactly aim them to be. I try to make each work as detailed and complete as a tiny world would need to be in order to be called a world. All the themes and […]

Heba Rena Yassin

My name is Heba Rena Yassin, a fine/digital artist. I was born in Sutton, UK and grew up in Limassol, Cyprus. I have been attending Cyprus Comic Con since its first one ever in 2014. I studied BA Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire (2011-2014) and later MA in Digital Art and Design at […]

Jamie King and Elina Nicolaou

Flare and Jay met in Middlessex University of London when studying 2d animation, got engaged and married both in their life and their art, continuing to work together as time went on. Currently Living full time in Cyprus, they work creating art in several avenues – from character concepts in 3d games, to detailed paintings […]

Konstantinos Katsos

Konstantinos Katsos has participated in various comic festivals (Comic’N’Play, ComicCon, ComicDom, LAFestival, CretanComicCon etc.), has self published 7 comic books and some of his works have been included in Epifany, Blue Comet, Comic Cultura and other printed media. He is currently working on his upcoming motivational and demotivational comic books while cooking traditional Greek spinach […]

Kseniya Motskalidou

Kseniya Motskalidou is a Greek/Russian and was born in 1998 in Moscow. She has BA in Sketch, Comics & Cartoon department. Her primary field of interest is digital art, and in particular, illustrations that depict character design, fanart, and fantasy concepts. But she has also worked as a model after her appearance on GNTM, she […]

Kyriaki Mavroudi

Hello, I am Kyriaki and I’m a storyboard artist and illustrator currently based in Cyprus. Storytelling and character creation has been the way to express my concerns since I remember myself; a way to put forth into the world what words weren’t enough to describe for me. Unavoidably, and quite appropriately, this led me to […]

Laura Economides

Laura Economides or Laourino is a young Game Designer and Illustrator with a fascination for the macabre. Motivated by anime and video games, she brings worlds and characters to life through her illustrations inspired by street/techwear fashion and trending topics :3 You can find Laura’s work on her webpage.

Lilith Child Games

We are Lilith’s Child games studio, a team of two game developers from Cyprus. Currently, we are working on our games as a hobby in our free time, with the hope to found our own company one day. We wish to leave our mark in the world of video games and bring to life as […]

LoudMouse Comics

We are the creative team called LoudMouse Crew comics, a group of transnational comics creators that want to tell interesting and engaging stories. Prior to that we have been part of Arists Alleys in the Scottish Comic Con, Thought Bubble Festival, The Comic Con Thessaloniki. Our work varies over various themes and genres, focusing on […]

Margarita Kotsoni

Margarita Kotsoni is a Cypriot artist with a BFA in Digital arts and animation and a love for cosplay. With a proclivity towards drawing up a storm and covering a variety of topics, she has worked on a variety of animated projects with the likes of Bill Plympton and Signe Baumane. As a cosplay lover, […]

Maria Bintzilaiou – Seeker

Maria Bintzilaiou – Seeker, was born in Athens in 1997 and has been drawing since she remembers and is self-taught in the field of comics, while is currently a student at the University of Fine Arts at Ioannina in an attempt to combine the comics she so loves with the “something” of the painting element. […]

Maria Christina Loizou

Hi! My name is MC and I specialized in Multimedia Arts and Digital Illustrations and I hail from the wild west Texas! Fort Worth Texas y’all! During the day, I work full time as Senior Digital Designer for Hellofresh in the U.S, responsible for E-learning gamification designs for adult training and internal social media designs. […]

Maria Kofterou

Maria Kofterou mainly works with ink on paper blurring the boundaries between art and illustration. Comic books and manga have influenced her drawing style from early on and she often incorporates artisanal glass techniques in her practice to create three dimensional frames for her drawings resulting in series of works that allude to collections of […]

Maria Loizou

Maria studied Multimedia and Graphic Arts, but she loves illustration, character design, cats and chocolates, not necessarily in that order. She can keep playing arcade games for all eternity, which is not a very bad idea, since she believes aliens will one day invade the earth. She also claims she can prove it. You can […]

Marios Mavrouleas

Mavrouleas Marios is a Tattoo artist, he has been professionally tattooing for 10 years and designing anime, video games, and cartoon characters for the last five years. He has lived in Nicosia where he studied fine arts and digital artwork. You can check Marios’ work on his page on Instagram.

Marios Ppoulis

Marios Ppoulis has worked for magazines abroad and in Greece has worked with game companies designing characters. He did the illustrations for several self-published books. He has done many private and public illustrations on his Instagram page  

Michalis Michailides

Kancer The Crab is the persona taken by Limassol-based graphic designer, Michael ‘Yukis’ that embodies the struggle of the fearless crab. The Crab forges small self-contained story posters inspired directly by early 90’s-2000’s video games that build up his own bigger mythos. Through the storytelling he seeks to make his own examination of life, expressing […]

Mushroom Headz

Demetrios Marcou (Jimoner-Graffiti Writer), Evelina Pavlovskaya (Eve – Traditional artist) Mushroom Headz, artistic duo founded in 2020, based in Cyprus. Jim Oner, started off as a graffiti writer, with funky and colorful, characters, letterings and tags, who currently works with different techniques, on how to combine various mediums and textures onto different surfaces. Eve, experimental […]

Nearchos Konstantinou

Nearchos has a Master of Arts in Communication Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics from the New York Institute of Technology. He is a multi-disciplinary creative artist, with the hybrid skillset of a graphic designer, an animator, a motion designer and an illustrator. He has participated in several Art, Motion and […]

Neil Gibson – TPub Comics

Neil is the editor in chief and CEO of TPub Ltd. Neil never wanted to be a writer, but he just LOVED good comics. As a fan for many years he tried writing one, and to his surprise, people really liked what he wrote. So he published it and his first book went to number […]

Nicolas Stefadouros

Born in Athens in 1980. Studied Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, worked as an engineer but soon was drawn by the field of illustrations and comics. Studied comics with scholarship in Vakalo College of Art and Design under the guidance of the acclaimed artist Nikos Koutsis. During the last 11 years […]

Nicos Nipat and Copper Mouflon

Nicos Nipat Nicos is a self-taught cartoonist and comic book artist from Cyprus who uses traditional and digital media to offer a funny take on everyday situations. Growing up, Nicos covered the margins of his school books in pencil doodles. As an adult, he is constantly amazed at how someone’s feelings can be transferred and […]

Nikoletta Kyprianou

For the past few years I have been working as a freelancer, as well as an in-house Illustrator and graphic designer, but I am always eager to learn and evolve and I appreciate the challenge of versatile briefs and projects at hand. As an Illustrator, I truly enjoy creating detailed and intricate worlds and characters […]

Ourania Markou

Ourania is an animator who graduated as a graphic designer, however her true passion is making art. She has created jewelry, paintings and ceramics. She loves the use of color in her projects and enjoys playful concepts. She is all about 90s culture and I love making abstract paintings. You can find Ourania’s work here.

Panagiotis Dimitriou

Panagiotis is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for exploring the intricacies of the human experience and the cosmos. As a fantasy author, his writing is inspired by his studies in philosophy and mysticism, adding depth and meaning to his epic stories. You can find Panagiotis’s work here.

Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou “Little Paris Art”

Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou is a ten-year-old boy who draws from the age of two with amazing zeal and vivid imagination.He holds numerous international awards and represents his country Cyprus in Art competitions all over the globe.He draws various art styles and all proceeds from selling his art are always donated to various charitable causes. With […]


Pleiades consists of 2 Greek up-and-coming artists. Dio and Soph are students in the Audio Visual Arts department in Corfu and love to draw characters from their favorite Anime and Games. They are both traveling from Greece in hopes of meeting and getting inspired by other talented artists. You can find Pleiades‘ work on their […]

Rafaella Pafiti

Rafaella aka Pixyfer , 30 years old, the tiny tattoo apprentice of Bad Choices Tattoo Club. I’ve been drawing for 18 years (a young adult age). My art journey began because of my obsession with anime, and that eventually grew into a huge admiration for Fine Art, Illustration and Tattoos. Evidently I studied Fine Arts […]

Rafaella Theodorou

Rafaella Theodorou My name is Rafaella and I am a self taught professional artist from Cyprus. My inspiration for art is from anime, video games and very big artists that give inspiration to continue doing it! I started drawing from a very young age since I could remember, at first when I was drawing I […]

Savvas Papadopoulos

Savvas Papadopoulos is a designer from Cyprus. He has studied illustration at Birmingham City University and has since been working on various projects. His main passion though is the gaming industry where he has been involved in for the past 5 years. In his free time he has created concept art compositions and portraits as […]

Spyroula Spyrou

I have studied 2D traditional animation in UK and I have worked as a 2D animator at an animation studio in Limassol. During that time, I worked on 10 advertisements and on a short film created by my employer. Since that time, I have worked on creating characters for companies and illustrations for children’s books. […]

Stardrop Games

Stardrop Games is an indie game studio formed by a group of game industry professionals and indie developers, working on our first game titled Block Witch. Some of us recent graduates, some in the industry for years; our group consists of talented developers from all walks of life that share a single vision – creating […]

Stavri Symeonidou

Stavri Symeonidou is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in Limassol, Cyprus. To follow Stavri’s work, visit her website: You can find Stavri’s work here.

Stavros Gerolemides

Writer, inspired by a lot of fantasy books and video games. You can find Stavros‘s work here.

Stella Violari

Stella Violari is an illustrator with a passion for storytelling. Over the years, she has worked on a variety of projects such as comics and mobile games and had the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives both in Cyprus and abroad. She’s inspired by manga, RPGs and nature and when she’s not drawing she’s playing […]

Steve Chatzidakis

Steve Chatzidakis, or “Agoto” as his friends call him, creates art pieces from a very young age. He is a resident of Athens, Greece and he holds a Master of Arts in Graphic Design degree from Middlesex University in London. Despite the fact he hasn’t participated in any art conventions before, he has tons of […]

Tasos Anastasiades

Tasos is an Associate Professor at the European University Cyprus. In 2004, he started publishing “Plastic Comics”, the first comic book series created in Cyprus. In 2014, he published the graphic novel titled “Fascista” and became a publishing partner and contributing artist at the first Cypriot comic book anthology titled “Current“. Tasos was involved in […]

Vaggelis Ioannou

Hey my name is Van SoulL or just Vangelis. I was born in Paphos Cyprus and at age of 20 I traveled to Greece to study Civil Engineering. Yes im both a Civil Engineer and an Artist. Used to have an Art YouTube channel for 3 years. I am self-taught ( i don’t like this […]

Yiangos Parmenides

A mostly self taught artist with a passion for comic book, historical and worldwide folk and tribal art, who is taking his first steps in the world of tattooing. He has been professionally tattooing and designing anime, video games, and cartoon characters for the last five years. You can find Yiangos’s work here.

Živko Kondić – Zhillustrator

Živko Kondić (Живко Кондић, he/him), alias Zhillustrator is a freelance and independent artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. Topics Živko presents are a blend of light science fiction, naïve art and a twist of whimsy and dreaminess. His focus is mostly on his own original art and a project called “Alterslavia”, which is a brighter and […]