Special Guest: Liam Shalloo

Cyprus Comic Con 2017 is delighted to announce that the talented comic artist Liam Shalloo will be one of its esteemed Special Guests!

Liam Shalloo is a London-born colourist, best-known for his work on various Transformers projects since 2006, as well as IDW’s Doctor Who and G.I. Joe.

He describes himself as “the bandanna-wearing artist with a decade in both the Comic Book & Video Game industry – wielder of big mouth and pencil, using both liberally for titles such as Transformers, Spider-Man, Sony PlayStation, Harry Potter, God Of War, SingStar, Godzilla and Doctor Who, as well as producing variant posters for Picture House Cinema”!

To see more of Liam Shalloo’s work, visit his DeviantArt profile and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Visit his online shop for a selection of prints, posters and original sketches!

Comic Art

Shalloo has worked with Penciller Simon Williams on the cover art for the Marvel and Clearvision classic animation DVD box sets of both the 90’s and 60’s Spider-Man Cartoons, as well as Season 1 Vol. 2, Season 2 Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 and Season 3 Vol. 1 Vol. 2 of the 60’s show.

He was the colourist for a lot of IDW projects, including Transformers Spotlights: Hot Rod (which was also his debut!), Doubledealer, Grimlock and Mirage (Cover), as well as Beast Wars, Transformers Animated the Arrival, Godzilla, G.I. Joe and Doctor Who.

He also worked on a number of Titan ComicsTransformers comic books as well as a series of Transformers – I Can Read’ children story books by Harper Trophy / HarperCollins Publishers.


Video Game Art

More recently, he has been active in the video game industry, in a variety of roles, including graphic designer, UI artist, concept artist and storyboard artist for Sony PlayStation.

He has worked on various popular video game titles, including SingStar, DanceStar, Diggs NightCrawler, Harry Potter’s Wonderbook: Book of Potions and God of War.

Furthermore, he has worked on a number of casual simulation games, including Train Sim, Flight Sim, Euro Fishing and Pure Pool.



Liam Shalloo illustrated variant posters for Picture House Cinema, for the blockbusters  Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, The Wolverine, Star Wars, Suicide Squad and Beauty and the Beast.

Pre-Order Sketch List

Liam Shalloo’s Sketch List is now open! Liam has over 50 sketch cover titles to choose from (a free comic with every sketch) but can only bring a limited amount of stock to Cyprus so make sure you pre-order what you want! You can order your prints via iamshalloo@gmail.com.