Special Guest: Alex Reiss

Photography: Pugoffka

Cyprus Comic Con is proud to announce that our third Cosplay Special Guest is the talented Alex Reiss!

Alex (Alexandra Pankova) started cosplaying in 2010 and her first awards were for team stage plays. She enjoyed making costumes as well as acting on stage. Around 2013, she decided to concentrate on solo performances and on developing her crafting skills further. She learned a lot about working with various materials, starting from the simplest ones, such as plywood and papier-mache, to modern thermoplastics and advanced technologies like 3D print.

In 2014, her solo costumes started receiving recognition as well as awards and her biggest accomplishment so far is receiving 3rd place at MCM London ComicCon Eurocosplay in 2016 (which she says, won’t be the last!).

At the moment, she continues making new costumes, traveling around the world and sharing her experience and expertise with fellow cosplayers, through lectures and tutorials.

You can follow Alex on FacebookWorldCosplayDeviantArt and Patreon!

Alex Reiss as a judge at CCC17’s EuroCosplay Qualifier

Alex will be one of our Special Guest judges, joining Calypsen and NightCold Créations, for the EuroCosplay Qualifier on Saturday and will also be sharing her knowledge and valuable cosplay tips at the following lectures:


Photography: Eva




Topic: 3D Printing Cosplay Props
Duration: 1h



Topic: Cosplay Stage Performance Workshop*
Duration: 1h

*Alex will be giving a special cosplay performance during this workshop!

Lykanka, Alex’s Cosplay Partner will be a Judge for CCC Masquerade!

Lykanka (Maria Remeeva) is Alex’s usual cosplay partner. They often help each other with their costumes, as well as collaborate on writing the scripts for their performances. She will be a perfect addition to our judges’ roster for the Sunday cosplay competition, the CCC Masquerade!

Visit Lykanka’s pages on VKDeviantArt and Twitter!