Special Guest: Ross Mullan, GoT’s White Walker

Ross Mullan

Game of Thrones’ “White Walker”

Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2019!

Cyprus Comic Con has the pleasure of announcing the Canadian-British actor and puppeteer Ross Mullan – mostly known for his appearance in Game of Thrones as the “White Walker” – as one of its Special Guests for this year’s event!

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  • Autograph: 15


GoT themed Panel

  • Duration: 1 hour

Workshop – Becoming a Monster

Get a glimpse of how to become a creature specialist at the two exclusive movement based classes taught by Ross Mullan.

One workshop class will be held per day and both classes are limited to just 30 people per class. Attendance is free – book your spot online!

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*Time & Location to be confirmed once the Cyprus Comic Con 2019 schedule is announced.

How it all started

Ross Mullan was born on January 5th 1967 in Montreal, Canada. Mullan joined Children’s Theatre in the West End of Montreal and later on he completed the theatre programs at John Abbott College and Ryerson University.

After graduating from University, Mullan moved to Ottawa and began working at the Odyssey Theatre. He started his performing career by working mostly in mask and physical theatre companies.

Watch Ross Mullan’s Creature showreel

Moving to the UK

Mullan moved to the UK after going there for holiday and has been living there for over 20 years. Once he moved to the UK he started doing tours with theatre companies in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Some of the productions he has participated in include David Copperfield, Gulliver’s Travels and Sherlock Holmes.

He has also portrayed Orsino in Bath Theatre Royal’s production of Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night and the title character of The Selfish Giant for Leicester Haymarket Theatre. Moreover, he brought to New York City the critically acclaimed play Thick from the Edinburgh festival.

Mullan transitioned to the small screen when the effects department of the show Dinotopia was looking for someone to animate a dinosaur character and make it act like a person, so they chose him for the part. He acted in a British children’s show called Numberjacks (2006) as the “Numbertaker” which is a parody of the “Undertaker” who removes numbers. He also does the voice works for “Nev the Bear” on CBBC’s Bear Behaving Badly (2007-2010).

Ross Mullan as the“White Walker”

Game of Thrones

The prosthetic supervisor of Game of Thrones, Conor O’Sullivan, approached Mullan regarding the role of “White Walker”. The two of them had worked previously together for a film called Clash of the Titans (2010) where Mullan played the role of “Pemphredo”, a character that proved to require an abundance of prosthetics. It took a team of 4 people and 5 hours to completely finish the creation of the “White Walker”, which is no surprise since only a small amount of CGI was used for the steam coming of the character’s body and making his eyes blue. His impressive height 6”4 (193cm) and his sword fighting skills were definitely an advantage for Mullan in terms of landing the part, but he had to undertake five months of horse-riding training in order to prepare himself for the role. However, the most challenging part was the fact that the “White Walker”, did not have any dialogue or lines so Mullan had to bring to life the character through his posture and movements.

Recent works

Apart from his role as the “White Walker” in the Game of Thrones series he has also played the role of one of the werewolves in the indie horror monster movie Howl (2015).  Finally, Mullan has also appeared in episodes of Doctor Who as “The Silence” in “The Time of The Doctor” (2013), “The Teller” in “Time Heist” (2014) and “Wraith” in “Hell Bent” (2015).