Special Guest: Ferran Rodriguez

Ferran Rodriguez Sanchez

Breathing Life into Beloved Characters – From Sonic the Hedgehog to Donald Duck and Beyond

Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2023

Join us in welcoming Ferran Rodriguez, master of versatile artistry, collaborating with world-renowned licenses and brands!

In-Booth Signing & Panel information

Panels & Q&As

Ferran Rodriguez will be hosting a range of activities at Cyprus Comic Con 2023 including workshops and Q&A sessions. More to be announced on the event schedule!

Booth Times

Ferran Rodriguez will be available for meet and greets at his booth. He will be also selling prints and signing collectibles at his booth in the special guest area in our main hall (Hall 6). More info on his booth times and panels to be confirmed once the schedule is announced.

A Masterpiece of Versatility: The Artistry of Ferran Rodriguez Sanchez

With a diverse portfolio spanning numerous licenses and creative styles, Ferran has established himself as a true artist of adaptation and innovation. Born and raised in Santa Eulàlia (l’Hospitalet), near Barcelona, in June 1963, Ferran’s journey into the world of art started alongside his passion for biology. After studying Biology, he joined the Education Department of Barcelona’s Zoo, where he began combining his scientific knowledge with his artistic talent. Ferran’s intricate wildlife drawings found a home in prestigious venues such as the Zoo itself and the Science Museum of Barcelona.

However, a turning point arrived when Ferran was nearly 30 years old. An opportunity arose for him to illustrate Sonic the Hedgehog for STC in the UK, launching his venture into the world of comics. Around the same time, he collaborated with Daniel Branca as an inker, initiating his first connection with the Disney universe.

From that point onwards, Ferran’s journey became a colorful tapestry of creative exploration. His unique ability to adapt to a multitude of artistic styles has led him to collaborate with some of the most iconic licenses and brands around the world:

SEGA – Sonic the Hedgehog: Ferran’s artistic prowess breathed life into the beloved Sonic character, making his mark in the SEGA universe.

DISNEY – From timeless classics like Donald, Mickey, and Goofy to the enchanting world of Disney Princesses, Ferran’s artistry has graced a plethora of Disney standards and characters.

PIXAR – Ferran’s creativity extended to the world of Pixar, bringing to life characters from the big screen.

Lucasfilm – Star Wars: Even the galaxy far, far away couldn’t escape Ferran’s touch as he contributed to the Star Wars universe.

DreamWorks – Whether it’s the whimsical Trolls or the spirited characters from Spirit: Riding Free, Ferran’s art captures the essence of DreamWorks’ creations.

DC – DC Superhero Girls: Ferran’s talent shines in the realm of superheroes, contributing to the dynamic world of DC Superhero Girls.

Mattel – From the iconic Barbie to beloved characters like Fireman Sam and He-Man, Ferran’s work has left an indelible mark on the world of toys and entertainment.

Nickelodeon – Ferran’s artistry has graced Nickelodeon favorites like 

TMNT, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol, captivating young hearts worldwide.

ROVIO – Angry Birds: Ferran’s artistry soared alongside those mischievous birds, both in 2D and 3D.

LEGO, Playmobil, Schleich – Ferran’s creative touch extended to building blocks, miniature worlds, and imaginative playsets.

Ferran Rodriguez Sanchez’s adaptability knows no bounds. His journey from wildlife illustrations to the realms of comics, animation, and iconic licenses is an inspiring testament to his artistic versatility. We’re thrilled to have Ferran as one of our guests at Cyprus Comic Con, where attendees will have the chance to experience his creativity firsthand.

Join us at Cyprus Comic Con to celebrate Ferran Rodriguez’s remarkable journey through the world of art and imagination. Get ready to immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes he’s brought to life and witness the magic of adaptation like never before.
Stay tuned for more updates about Ferran Rodriguez Sanchez’s appearances and sessions at Cyprus Comic Con!

For now, enjoy his work at ferranrodriguez.com and on Instagram.