Special Guest: Brian Muir

Brian Muir

Legendary Sculptor of Darth Vader’s Helmet & Armour and the Stormtrooper Armour

Special Guest for Cyprus Comic Con 2023

We are thrilled to welcome Brian Muir to Cyprus Comic Con, a renowned sculptor with an impressive 48-year career in the film industry!

In-Booth Signing & Panel information

Panels & Q&As

Brian Muir will be hosting a range of activities at Cyprus Comic Con 2023 including workshops and Q&A sessions on our main stage (Hall A). More to be announced on the event schedule!

Booth Times

Muir will be available for meet and greets at his booth. He will be also selling books and other items and signing collectibles at his booth in the special guest area in our main hall (Hall 6). More info on his booth times and panels to be confirmed once the schedule is announced.

Brian Muir: A Legendary Sculptor Behind Iconic Film Creations!

Unveiling the Master Behind Darth Vader and More: Meet Brian Muir!

Brian Muir’s name may not be immediately recognizable, but his artistic contributions have left an indelible mark on cinema history. His involvement in the creation of iconic characters from the first Star Wars film, “A New Hope,” showcases his incredible talent and artistry. Muir’s sculpting expertise gave birth to some of the most legendary figures in pop culture, including Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper armor, the Death Star droid, CZ3, and the finishing touches on C-3PO.

A Pioneering Journey: “In the Shadow of Vader”

As interest in Star Wars and Brian Muir’s vast body of work grew, he decided to share his captivating journey through his autobiography, “In the Shadow of Vader.” The book has been warmly embraced by fans and is now on its third print. Following its success, Muir published the second and final part of his autobiography, “Beyond the Shadow.” Recently, his third book, “Stormtroopers: The True Story,” has been captivating fans and enthusiasts alike.

From the Silver Screen to Convention Stages: A Globetrotting Adventure

In the last five years, Brian Muir has become a sought-after guest at conventions across the globe, spanning from the USA to Canada, Holland, Germany, and beyond. His captivating Q&A sessions, talks, interviews, and lectures have mesmerized audiences everywhere, making him a cherished figure among fans of cinema and art.

A Glance at Brian Muir’s Filmography: An Impressive Legacy

Brian Muir’s illustrious career has seen him sculpting for over 70 major movies, leaving an artistic imprint on various cinematic masterpieces. Among these, we find titles like “Alien,” “Harry Potter” series, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars” saga, and many more. His contributions to these films have elevated their visual storytelling to new heights.

For a detailed insight into Brian Muir’s career and the films he has worked on, visit his website: www.brianmuirvadersculptor.com

Join Us at Cyprus Comic Con: Meet the Legendary Sculptor in Person!

As Brian Muir recently retired from the film industry, this is a rare opportunity to meet the man behind the iconic creations that have shaped our cinematic experiences for decades. Don’t miss the chance to engage with a true legend in the world of sculpting and filmmaking.

Learn More About Brian Muir: Wikipedia Page

To explore more about Brian Muir’s illustrious career and his contributions to the world of cinema, check out his Wikipedia page: Brian Muir – Wikipedia

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be a part of a special event featuring Brian Muir as our esteemed guest at Cyprus Comic Con on 7th and 8th October 2023. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional celebration of art, cinema, and the creative genius behind some of the most beloved characters in film history!