The Masquerade is for everyone!

This contest embraces a more laid-back approach, welcoming all handmade and partly handmade costumes, newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike, locals and visitors, solo or as groups of 2-3 to express their creativity and passion for cosplay on our stage.

Our focus at the Masquerade is firmly fixed on fun and enjoyment, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement among all participants. While it may lack the intense competitiveness of the MCC, rest assured there are still thrilling prizes up for grabs, sprinkling a dash of friendly competition.

The entire contest, including the judging phase, unfolds right on our biggest stage. Each contestant will have a generous 2-minute window to strike poses, perform skits, and engage with the judges. Notably, we value craftsmanship, accuracy, and, of course, creativity. Equally important is your performance, as the essence of cosplay lies in embodying your character through body language, poses, and dialogue.


Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing 2024’s Masquerade judges very soon!

To qualify for the Masquerade, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 12 years old or over by the day of the competition (6 Oct 2024) or at least 8 years old if accompanied by a guardian in a group cosplay.
  • It is not necessary for you to have made the costume yourself as long as it is not mass-manufactured, though preference is given to fully or partly handmade costumes.
  • Your costume must be derived from an official source; fan art, original designs (OC), mashups, gender swaps, etc., are not eligible. However, exceptions may be made for designs by independent artists like @sakizoillustrator, @hannah_alexander_artwork and @noflutter, whose designs are widely cosplayed. Exceptions are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Be a solo entry or 2 – 3 people as a group entry.
  • Cosplayers who have received a top 3 winning position in any past CCC main event contest can’t re-use that costume.
  • Embrace the possibility of not winning. Remember, being a gracious loser is essential in becoming a skilled cosplayer, as your ethos plays a significant role in shaping your abilities.

The entire contest including the judging phase will take place on stage where each contestant will have a total of 2 minutes to pose or do a short skit and talk to the judges. The music will be selected by CCC due to the high amount of entries. The stage presenter will guide you through and the judges may ask you some questions about your costume. Remain in character, strike poses and act like your character as much as possible!

Construction, Accuracy & Creativity – 60%

The judges will pay attention to:

  • the effort, creativity and problem-solving put into making the costume
  • the craftsmanship quality of the costume and props
  • how faithful your costume, hair, make-up and props are to the reference picture of the character you’re cosplaying as
  • the amount of pieces created from basic materials and not purchased. Fully handmade costumes have a distinct advantage.

Performance – 40%

The goal of cosplay is to look as much like your cosplay character as possible, this includes body motions, poses and phrases you say. Those who act in character will score higher than those who do not. We encourage you to remain in character during your on-stage judging!

Competition Day: Sunday October 6th 2024

Maximum Entries: 45

Registration Deadline: Friday September 6th – Online Only

Group Participation Allowed: Maximum 3 people