Shirobon @ Cyprus Comic Con 2016!

Cyprus Comic Con 2016 is proud to announce its very first Special GuestLondon-born chiptune/electronic artist Shirobon!

Shirobon, aka Michael Cordedda started his career in 2006 as chiptune artist, producing music solely on a Nintendo Game Boy and went on to release a number of albums and play shows using only the handheld gaming console. He quickly became one of the UK’s leading chiptune producers, earning him a strong fan base not only in the UK but also in Europe and Japan.

In 2009, he took some time out to discover the world of modern production, learning more about the use of synthesizers and experimenting with different styles of music. He returned to the scene in 2013 with his crossover EP ‘Back Tracking‘, using sounds from Game Boy, Commodore 64 and synthesizers. Since then, Shirobon’s music has evolved into a fusion of progressive electronic and chiptune music, expanding into genres such as EDM, drum & bass, eurobeat and vaporwave.

Discover Shirobon’s music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Follow him through Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with his upcoming work!

Sat On Thing v6

Shirobon now plays shows all around the world and runs his own record label ‘Hyperwave Records‘. So far his label has published Shirobon’s own music as well as the debut album of chiptune Melbourne artist Jamatar (J▲M▲T▲R).

Earlier this year, Shirobon performed at his very first MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival), a four day-long festival dedicated to the appreciation of video game music and the gaming community! You can watch his Twitch Stream video of the performance here.

While Shirobon’s music is known to be futuristic and melodic with cheerful upper synth tones, it maintains a heavy rhythm and is nothing less than infectuous!

Shirobon LIVE @ Cyprus Comic Con After Party!34234234234

Shirobon’s chiptacular sounds will make this year’s Cyprus Comic Con After Party an unforgettable musical experience!

In his own words, “expect to hear some extreme party sounds and be ready for some serious fistpump!”

Furthermore, you can look forward to a special workshop on chiptune music by Shirobon for Cyprus Comic Con fans! Stay tuned for more information regarding the After Party and Shirobon’s workshop, to be released very soon!

Are you hyped enough yet?! September can’t come soon enough! 😀

Until then, we leave you with a taste of Shirobon’s newest EP ‘Pleasure Island‘, to be released in a few days, on July 12!