Special Guest: Mangatellers

We are pleased to announce that Mangatellers will be part of Cyprus Comic Con 2015!

Continuing their European tour, after presenting at ComicCon in Greece, Dokomi in Germany and Japan Expo in France, Mangatellers’ next stop is Cyprus Comic Con!

Mangatellers are the creators of shonen manga series R.u.N. – a high school sports-themed manga about parkour, the manga one-shots ‘WiFi Wars and ‘Thessaloniki Through Time‘.

Kariofillis – Christos Hatzopoulos and Raphael Voutsidis are the screenplay writers and producers of the team’s manga projects. Their partners are Manos Lagouvardos (artist) and Nikitas Efimidis (assistant artist and 3D graphic designer).

To see more from Mangatellers, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

From left to right, Fillis & Raphael

Since 2010, Mangatellers have released eight chapters of R.u.N online and published R.u.N. Volume #1 with the help of Kickstarter.

Their manga one-shot ‘Thessaloniki Through Time’ has also been published under the auspices of the European Youth Capital 2014 and the Japanese Embassy in Greece. All of their works are in English.

We would like to let everyone know that the Mangatellers booth will be open and running from 11:30AM!

At their booth, you will be able to buy copies of R.u.N Volume #1 and exclusive R.u.N posters and art-prints! Furthermore, Mangatellers have informed us that at Cyprus Comic Con they are going to be reveal to the public new information about their upcoming projects! So make sure to stop by their booth and say hi!