Synergia Media supports CCC’15!

We are extremely happy to announce that S. Synergia Media is one of the companies which supports our second Cyprus Comic Con! Synergia Media will sponsor the film section of our event, the sound equipment and sound control of the Winter’s Verge band as well as the gaming tournaments!

Company Profile
1235127_221406494680847_165306313_nS. Synergia Media Ltd was created by the merging of two of the biggest companies in the area of professional sound, visual, professional lighting, conference and interpretation systems, organizing and producing conferences, congresses and events. The team of S. Synergia Media has been in the field of providing such services for more than 18 years.

S. Synergia Media Ltd is now a leading force among rental companies that deals with visual, professional sound, professional lighting, conference and interpretation systems in the Cyprus market. Each event, from the simplest to the most complicated one, is classified as important. Therefore, each customer’s need is carefully examined in detail and with the appropriate respect. The company’s main aim remains to present the most professional and productive result.

Their vision lies on the expansion of the company and the ongoing update of our services, by keeping up with any new technology in sound, vision and light equipment, conference & interpretation systems and design and construction tools. Furthermore, their high skilled personnel constantly attends seminars within or outside the company so as to be trained in new technologies, products and customer relations.

At the same time, S. Synergia Media Ltd continuously explores new ways of providing its services in the most efficient way, as well as new area fields so as to offer the most completed packages of services possible.

S. Synergia Media Ltd aims to offer a complete package of equipment and services to the customers, so as to help them in the most convenient and still professional way. They guide their customers all the way through, consulting them and helping them so as to achieve the most desired results.

Their services are provided by experienced and well trained personnel, using the newest and most advanced technology as well as the most reliable and compatible equipment. The company’s primary concern is the fulfilment of the customers’ needs, to keep all customers satisfied by providing our services in the best possible way with competitive prices.

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