The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable @ CCC’15 Film Fest!

The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable Press Release

The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable comes to Cyprus Comic Con 2015 Film Fest!

Based on the comic book series titled The Dragonphoenix Chronicles, from acclaimed Greek comic creator Yannis Roumboulias, the movie is the first Greek comic book adaptation of its  kind to get the big screen treatment.

Yannis Roumboulias is also one of our Special Guests this year so make sure to visit his booth in the main room of Filoxenia Conference Centre!

For more information, visit the Indomitable Official Website and Facebook page.

Check out the Indomitable trailer on Youtube or Dailymotion!

Indomitable won the Best Sets & Costumes award at the Cyprus International Film Festival and was also nominated for Best Cinematography. It has since been presented at numerous film festivals worldwide to much acclaim. At the Opening Nights, it won the applause of hundreds of spectators in 2 sold out screenings, who thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of mighty barbarian warrior Dragar (Yannis Roumboulias) against the forces of an entire empire, dark magical powers and bloodthirsty warriors.

Award winning director Thanos Kermitsis collaborated with both famous Greek actors such as Meletis Georgiadis as well as young and talented upcoming actors. Although the film was created with the modest budget of around 10,000 Euro, which was derived exclusively by a crowdfunding campaign, the incredible artistry involved in the making of the costumes, scenery, soundtrack and special effects have established Indomitable as a uniquely exceptional and special contribution to Greek cinema.

Mr. Yannis Roumboulias will be present at the Cyprus Comic Con Film Fest screening doing a Q&A Session with the audience and will give out film memorabilia to lucky winners.

Starring: Yannis Roumboulias, Meletis Georgiadis, Constantina Georganta, Thanos Kermitsis, Georgia Giannakoudi, Kiriakos Korogiannis, George Mpougos, Aris Kaplanidis, Konstantina Tatsi, Thanos Liakos, Vasilis Logios

Directed by Thanos Kermitsis and Written for the Screen by Thanos Kermitsis, Yannis Roumboulias & John Tzouvelekis

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Dimitris Papavasileiou.