Artist Profile: Uncl Paul

Uncl Paul is a comic book artist from Greece! Uncl Paul wanted to introduce himself in his own personal style:

“Uncl Paul is a nickname…!!! Like all nicknames, my friends made it up and I got stuck with it! My real name you can’t find out or you will have to die…

Before the Uncl Paul nickname and my participation in the tattoo industry for the past 4 years, I used to be a really determined comic book junkie! I collected them, read them, talked to them, and of course would DRAW my own comics! That was the main reason I entered The Athens School of Fine Arts (that and the fact that I didn’t like any other university) and also the reason why I finished the course as fast as I could (they don’t really like comics in ASFA).

While studying there and spending a lot of time raging against my tutors (well, most of them anyway) I wrote, created and self-hand printed my very first (and only so far) comic book, titled “Σημεία και Τέρατα”, which was limited to 25 copies and it was silkscreen printed and handbook binded by me (yes, also I had to learn how to stitch).

After I completed my university degree and since I was already working as a tattooer (albeit, not successfully), I didn’t have a lot of time (or money) to draw more issues of “Σημεία και Τέρατα”, so a really good friend of mine and co-artist, named Babisu created and released the second issue! Thus, for the last few years I haven’t been as dedicated to comic books, but I still love them with all my heart and hope to be able to return to working on them full time soon! Currently, I only create commissioned fan art mostly for collectors and I help out my teammate Dani (shout-out to 9092!).

I won’t tell you neither my age,  nor the colour of my eyes, or how fat, thin, beautiful or ugly I am, neither will you find any pictures of me anywhere on the net (hopefully), but for any work-related questions (give this man his space!), you can email me at and hopefully you will get an answer…!!

Hugs and kisses from your UNCL.”