Photography and Videography at CCC16!

Spent months constructing an absolutely breathtaking cosplay costume and cannot wait to show it off at the upcoming Comic Con Weekend? Or just coming in your everyday common-man hero suit and want to capture the fun, so you can look back at the pictures and remember how awesome CCC16 was?

Don’t worry, we got you covered!

A number of professional photography teams and booths will be set up to make sure you have some amazing and magical photos to take back home after the Comic Con is over!

Keep reading for more information about the teams and what they will be offering to con-goers:

Cosplay Photography Booth

Photographers: Alex Kokkinos and Chrysos Andreou

Hired by world government agencies, Alex Kokkinos and Chrysos Andreou have taken up the role of finding, registering and most importantly, photographing gifted individuals.

“The Superhuman Registration Act has been both a blessing and a curse” says Mr. Kokkinos. “It’s great getting to photograph some of these amazing super people. But many of them are a little camera shy. Hulk has smashed our equipment three times so far. And Deadpool only poses with his behind to the camera; it’s exhausting!”

Mr. Andreou however expressed optimism about the upcoming conspiracy event.
“I think the Comic-Con trap is going to solve all our problems. Everybody who’s anybody is going be there. And we won’t be opening the facility exits until every last hero and villain are captured on camera!”

Will they succeed in their mission? Only the 3rd and 4th of September will tell!

For more details, follow their cosplay photography progress here.

Alex and Chrysos will be offering free photos for all competing cosplayers during the judging process of the Cosplay Contest, which will later be uploaded on Facebook in web quality. They will also be offering portraits, as well as full body shots in a themed prison backdrop. The full resolution images will be available for purchase digitally or printed.

Cosplay Videography

Freelance Videographer: Damien Heraclides

Damien was elected as one of the European Union representatives (Cyprus) at the 70th Venice International Film Festival set up by Europa Cinemas in partnership with the European Parliament, (28 Times Cinema).

He has worked on a number of prominent projects: club filming all over the island, recordings of world-renowned artists such as Armin Van Bureen, multiple video adverts for gyms, hotels, coffee shops, TV spots and more! He won fist place at the Young Lions film competition Cyprus earlier this year.

Green Screen Booth

The Team: Photo Experts Creative Photography

Photo Experts describe themselves as simply “the happiest team on earth”! They are an idea-driven team of photographers and cinematographers, that aim to implement creative photography in every singe project they take up, offering their clients and partners, something beautiful to preserve their best memories!

The Green Screen photo booth will be customised with Comic-Con appropriate backdrops of various pop culture themes, to suit every single cosplay costume and all fan bases! The photos will later be uploaded on the official Cyprus Comic Con page on Facebook.

Printed copies of the photos will also be available for sale on the day, to take home as a memento! Cosplayers will be able to have their photo taken at the Green Screen photo booth for free!

Visit the Photo Experts Creative Photography website.