Team MSYD’s Hearthstone Legends Brawl at CCC16!

Greetings to you, future partygoer!

“Your host, the great magus Medivh, invites you to a magical weekend party, that is sure to be talked about for centuries!

Come inside… Meet your friends at the door! We’ve got a feast like you’ve never seen before! Shake your stuff to our musical beat, play the game, but don’t you dare cheat!

Dive right in – you’ll never be the same!”





“There’s only one game in the game room and that game is Hearthstone, of course!

The masterfully crafted cards, the simple yet elusive strategies, the meeting of mind and RNG *ekhem*, I meant will! The Master just loves it. Yes, Hearthstone is the game, for this game room.

Oh pardon me, I am of course talking about the Legends Brawl Hearthstone Tournament organised by Team MSYD!”


Who are Team MSYD, you say?

They are only the biggest and most active Hearthstone group in Cyprus. Their aim has been to elevate the quality of gaming in Cyprus, as well as provide a platform to aid gamers via guidance, tournaments and an organised group to enhance their gaming experience! They wish to create a better community for the gamers in a cooperative as well as challenging environment. Their immediate goals include to put Cyprus on the international map, expand to other games and most importantly, be able to provide better rewards for their members!”

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The Legends Brawl Hearthstone Tournament at CCC16

Just like last year, the tournament will be a closed invitational, which will run through the whole duration of the Comic Con Weekend.

Team MSYD have invited 8 players to take part in their Legends Brawl.

The winner of last year’s brawl, George ‘SkepasG’ Skeparnides has rightfully claimed one of those eight places with his champion’s title and will be competing against 7 other players that were selected during the Preliminary Tournament that took place last Sunday, 28th of August!

The Preliminaries were open to all players in Cyprus that achieved the rank of Legend.

The Players

The eight confirmed players that will participate in the upcoming and most definitely epic, Legends Brawl Hearthstone Tournament at Cyprus Comic Con 2016 are:

  1. SkepasG
  2. GetRekt
  3. Kyps
  4. LeHuanPlayz
  5. Olethrus
  6. Grekori
  7. FunkyPanda
  8. Kazanas

Starting on Saturday, the tournament will be Round Robin, Best of 7, 5 decks with 1 ban, Conquest format. By the end of the day, four challengers will qualify to compete in next day’s Finals.

On Sunday, the tournament final will be Conquest format again, Best of 9, 6 decks with 1 ban, going into knock-out stages with a double elimination. This means that everyone has to lose twice, until one man is standing.

The players will need to show versatility with decks of different classes, exhibit good countering skills and the ability to detect (and perform) mind-games!

Watch the Trailermalchezaar

Your invitation to watch the Legend’s Brawl tournament live at CCC16 is enclosed in the following trailer, created by Team MSYD themselves!


Prince Malchezaar:

“Wait, what? You invited Jaraxxus, the weakling?!”