Jimmy D, Dj Englezos, Honston G on the Con decks!


Ola DJ will be bringing the following three DJs to play at Cyprus Comic Con’s Fringe Festival:

Jimmy D: Jimmy D is a radio producer at Deejay93.5 and he has been on the radio for 13 years now. His show called “The art of music” is broadcasted daily from 15:00 to 17:00. His style consists of all genre music. From Funk to rock, to Electroswing pop and Electronica Jimmy D has played in various bars and events around the Island. He will be performing on the 3d of September at Comic Con. A 60 minute set of superhero music and more!

Dj Englezos: Since 2008, Vasilis Englezos, a turntablist from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, known for using turntables as instruments, Master of Creating Video Routines with a lot of Blends, Toneplays, Jugglin, Wordplays and of course Scratching.

Honston G: Honston G Is known for his eclectic style of rock, metal, jazz, rock’n’ roll, boogie woogie, blues, electroswing, electroblues, psychedelic tech and everything in between. Inspired by movies with amazing Soundtracks , moments in time dressed in music and music that makes your feelings move, his style has become diverse yet always stays close by and related to blues, rock and alternative sounds.