Nicos Nipat

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We are excited to have Nicos Nipat joining us for CCC19 Artists’ Alley!

Nicos is a self-taught cartoonist from Cyprus who uses traditional media such as ink and watercolours to offer a funny take on everyday situations. Growing up, the margins of Nicos’ school books were covered in pencil doodles. As an adult he’s constantly amazed at how someone’s feelings can be transferred and expressed on paper and then communicated to others.

In the past he took part in the creation of comic books through a collaboration with WriteCy and he is always looking for opportunities and good stories to work on! Being an artist that’s serious about improving his skills, Nicos can be seen around town carrying a sketchbook and pen that he uses for observational drawing of unsuspecting bystanders, capturing their souls in his sketchbook forever! Careful, you could be next!

To see more of Nicos’ work, you van visit his Instagram and Facebook.