Zhllustrator (Živko Kondić)

Cyprus Comic Con is excited to welcome Zhllustrator (Živko Kondić) to its Artists’ Alley!

Živko is a freelance 2D artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. His art is a particular blend of sci-fi and realism, alternate universes and hovering kittens. His art skills are mostly self taught, even though he was a student of Bogdan Šuput school of design in Novi Sad, earning himself a graphic designer degree.

Through the years he’s developed a personal style and way of seeing things, expressing mostly through digital painting and traditional drawing or sketching. His art tends to be colorful, melancholic, optimistic, heavily atmospheric and loose. His work is mostly personal art and client work for smaller companies and individuals. One notable client were Games Workshop.

Alterslavia is Živko’s flagship personal project, an alternate universe and low-SF blend with inspiration rooted in Yugoslavian motives, regional ethnic garbs, both real and imagined places and people who live in them. Živko appears on a number of conventions throughout Europe and plans to expand than in the future.

Outside art, he’s a chatty, goofy fella who likes to play guitar, take photos, meet people and travel. He also does livestreaming occasionally.

Check out Živko’s art on his websiteFacebook and Instagram.