Thodoris Thou

The Cyprus Comic Con wants to welcome Thodoris Thou to CCC19 Artists’ Alley!

Thodoris is a self-taught sculptor and ceramist. He was born in Paphos but he moved to Nicosia when he was a child. He is mostly figurative sculptor but he also makes functional ceramics too, such as mugs plates, spoons pitches, tea pots etc. His inspiration comes primarily from pop culture; famous movie characters and iconic creatures and monsters! The Greek mythology is another source of his inspiration.

Thodoris has a special bond with nature and animals and a lot of the time he uses that on his work. He has been working with clay since 2006 and he uses stoneware clay mostly. All his sculptures are covered with underglazes, stains and glazes and are fired multiple times in an electric kiln with final temperatures 1200 – 50c degree. His studies background has nothing to do with clay; he went to Athens for 3 years studying animation in a private collage. Sometimes he sees that part of himself in his work, nothing is wasted!

You can visit Thodoris’ Instagram to see more of his work!