Artist Profile: LarLarLar Comics

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes the team of LarLarLar Comics to this year’s Artists’ Alley!

The LarLarLar Comics team consists of:


Andreas Michaelides

Andreas’ greatest love is words – what they mean, what they portray, how they change, how they are translated, what story they are telling. He has worked as a journalist and photographer, and has written crime and surreal short stories that were published in collective volumes (Είσοδος Κινδύνου, Ελληνικά Εγκλήματα 4, Κλέφτες και Αστυνόμοι etc.) or in newspapers (Metropolis, Σύγχρονα Αθηναϊκά Παραμύθια etc.). For the last decade, he has been working as a translator for publishers such as Alexandria and Metaixmio, and since 2010, he has been working with oral narrative and writing tales for adults.

His relationship with comics is just as complex as he is: from 2001 to 2007, he was an article writer for magazine “9” of Εleftherotypia. From 2003 to 2006 he released the fanzine Mangaijin together with Yiannis Dalkides. In 2005 he joined the COMICDOM team, writing articles for their website and participating in the organisation process of Comicdom Con Athens, which he continues to do to this day. Between 2014 and 2015, he collaborated with Maria Kouloumparitsi for the self-published comic titled Botch!. In 2014 he began collaborating with Valia Kapadai on a series of self-published works on Greek mythology (Νέκυια, Μυθρύλοι). In 2015 he started collaborating with Pavlos Pavlides, on the sci-fi comic titled Last Flight of the Swordbreaker. As a translator, he has translated books of popular science, history and literature, from English and French, including The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes by Andy Lane, The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and Tuf Voyaging, by George R.R. Martin, and Joe Abercrombie’s Shattered Sea.

So far he has written three books: The fantasy novel “Το Αμόνι που Τραγουδά” (Mamaya Publications) and two noir horror novels in the series “Ο Εθισμός του Κριστιάν Αμπρόζ” (Nightread Publications). He is a founding member of the Greek Writers’ Association of Police Literature and of Στέ.Π.Πα (Στέγη Προφορικότητας και Παράδοσης «Μυθολόγιο»). To sum it up, he is basically a storyteller, buried in a cave made entirely out of books!

To see more from LarLarLar Comics, visit their blog as well as their page on Facebook!

Valia Kapadai

Valia is first and foremost a dreamer and a comic book “junkie”.  During the day, she works as a graphic designer at the National Academy of Fine Arts (ΕΚΠΑ), while at night she likes to play with her watercolours and inks, making comics, at least when her “ghosts” allow it. She has participated in several anthologies (for publications of IDW, Insomnia, Accent UK, BLC, Dapshow Press, AyeSaw Comics, Markosia, ICCW, Ekdoseis tou Kampou, Parousia etc.) and until this day, 6 graphic novels have been published that contain her illustrations or colouring, by the publishing houses of A.R.Sobati, Photorama, Markosia, and Comicdom Press, one of which, soon, is expected to be released on the big screen as well. She also enjoys self-publishing her own stories. Since 2007, she has participated in several exhibitions (both solo and group ones), as well as several comic book events, both in Greece and abroad. She is a co-creator and active member of the artist collective LarLarLar Comics. In the last year, she has been working on the illustrations for a board game, as well as a theatrical play.

Pavlos Pavlides

Pavlos is a new comic book creator that first revealed his work as part of the Comicdom Athens event in 2009. He started drawing comics much earlier than that, with the comics from the American underground scene as his primary influence. His favourite tool is a pentel pen brush, which he considers more of an extension of his own arm and he uses it to bring his black and white fantasy worlds into life. The has self-published the titles Unstrung! , Fixed! , Such a waste..! , Full Bloom, Just one fragment , ..and after this What, as well as Lamda Together with Valia Kapadai and Lee Grice. He is currently working on various projects of his own, as well as collaborations. He has been working with the LarLarLar Comics team since 2014, on self-publications of various genres and themes, such as mythology (Νέκυια), science fiction (Last Flight of the Swordbreaker), historical fantasy (Iasis) and others, while they also work on other projects, helping each other whenever possible.