Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival: The Official Selection!

We are happy to announce the 27 contestants for the 3rd Cyprus Comic Con Film Fest.

One of the many parts of the CCC is an in-house film festival specializing in screening genre short films (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, fan films etc.) from local and international filmmakers, and this year is no exception!

You are all invited to Hall 28 in order to enjoy the 27 selected short films on Saturday, 2nd of September between 11:00am – 13:00pm and Sunday, 3rd of September between 10:30am – 12:30pm.

Our last year’s best local production winner, Y.K.AN., written and directed by Andreas Sheittanis, will also be screened on Saturday 2nd of September at 13:00pm. Do not miss out on this opportunity to watch it once again on the big screen!

Once again, congratulations to all filmmakers and thanks to everyone who submitted. We cannot wait to watch your new films next year!

Here is this year’s lineup:

Screening Order for Saturday (11:00 – 13:00)

All The Marbles by Carl Petersen – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 17:31 – Rating: G | Director – Michael Swingler | Writers – Carl Petersen, Michael Swingler | Key Cast – Cole Sand, Carl Petersen, Helen Sadler, Christopher Franciosa | | In a magical world where marbles are as precious as gold, a timid boy named Jamison wins the most valuable marble of them all. When a villainous bully named Wolf decides to snatch his favorite marble, the boy challenges him to an epic match that could cost him much more than he expected. | |

Cam by Jennifer Begeman – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 01:54 – Rating: G | Director – Jen Begeman | Writer – Jen Begeman | | A young boy tries to get a picture of Bigfoot. | |

Lanky Lad by Helen Dean – Rating: G

 Canada – Runtime 01:44 – Rating: G | Director – Helen Dean | Writer – Helen Dean | Music – Drake Tuura  | | A skinny man is training really hard for something. One might think it’s for a physical fight. However, the true fight is within himself. It is a fight for courage and bravery. Sometimes something as small as saying hello to some one is the biggest fight that some one can have. He overcomes his fear, reaching out, and ultimately wins his battle. | |

Little Conductor by Soo Yeon Lee – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 02:54 – Rating: G | Director – Sooyeon Lee | Writer – Sooyeon Lee | | A mom tells her son a story. | |

Starry Skies by Sarah Schmidt – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 02:11 – Rating: G | Director – Sarah Schmidt | Writer – Sarah Schmidt | | Starry Skies is about a little girl who loves stars and astronomy. Unfortunately, she lives in the city, where tall buildings and light pollution block her view of the night sky. Just as she loses hope of ever seeing the stars, a constellation comes to life and whisks her away on a magical journey through the stars. | |

Icky by Parastoo Cardgar – Rating: G

Iran – Runtime 05:55 – Rating: G | Director – Parastoo Cardgar | Writer – Parastoo Cardgar | | In the world of people with Rubik’s cube head, there is a kid who is different from the others… | |

Fear Of Heights by Benjamin Esterlis – Rating: PG

Israel – Runtime 03:36 – Rating: PG | Director – Benjamin Esterlis | Writers – Talia Peri, Hava Coen, Benjamin Esterlis | | A fantastic voyage to defy fears, gravity & death. | |

Equipoise by Gung-Kai Koo – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 03:00 – Rating: G | Director – Gung-Kai Koo | Writer – Gung-Kai Koo | | Equipoise is about positiveness, negativity and the opposite but complementary relationship between them. The spirit of the film is how they work together to reach the harmony and balance to react to stimulation, instead of judging the dominance or tendency of the two forces. | |

Chill and Shivering by Kwok Wai Chung Philip – Rating: PG

Hong Kong – Runtime 10:16 – Rating: PG | Director – Kwok Wai Chung Philip | Writer – Kwok Wai Chung Philip | | The protagonist is a typical young introvert who does not venture outdoors, lives in his own world, and is obsessed with computers, models and dolls. He occupies an old rented flat. One night, a mysterious thing happens. He is unaware that the dwelling was formerly a shop providing traditional Chinese herbal medical service, and that his environment has become supernatural. The experience turns out to be a life-changing one. | |

A Loft in Paradise by Alexandre Lança – Rating: PG

France – Runtime 17:32 – Rating: PG | Director – Alexandre Lança | Writers – Alexandre Lança, Vincent Menjou-Cortès | Key Cast – Vincent Menjou-Cortès, Manon Kneusé, Clara Bonnet | | Vincent and Emma die in a car accident. Arriving in Heaven, they discover a large and modern loft. But Charlotte, Emma’s sister and Vincent’s lover, eagerly wants to contact them in the afterlife…. | |

Destroy Madrid by Joseba Alfaro – Rating: PG

Spain – Runtime 09:29 – Rating: PG | Director – Joseba Alfaro | Writer – Joseba Alfaro | Key Cast – Javier Server, Fernando Cayo, Ramón Quesada, Ricardo Reguera | | Madrid, 2030. In a world ravaged by the fight between governments and citizens, one member of the resistance has got a mysterious device that can finally end the war. Will he escape from the drones that guard the city? | |

Superman Meets Batman by Kacey Baker – Rating: PG

Australia – Runtime 19:21 – Rating: PG | Director – Kacey Baker | Writer – Kacey Baker | Key Cast – Troy Honeysett, Carmel Rose, Rupert Raineri, Alex Osmond, Christian Serge Charisiou, Erin Connor | | Bruce Wayne’s ego is tested when meeting Clark Kent via mutual friend Lois Lane. Superman helps The Batman finally catch The Joker without having to use his powers, proving once and for all that Superman if he wanted to, could dominate Batman in every way possible. | |

Knockers by Naima Chebahi – Rating: R

France – Runtime 23:55 – Rating: R | Director – Arnaud Mangin | Writer – Arnaud Mangin | Key Cast – Stephanie Kern Siebering, Gigi Ledron, Sophie Attelann | | When Sitcom characters must fight horror movies monsters. 80’s. Like every Saturday evening, Lisa and Friends want to get out. But something behind the door wants to get in…. | |

Screening Order for Sunday (10:30 – 12:30)

Gone Astray by Mabel Ye – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 03:48 – Rating: G | Director – Mabel Ye | Writer – Mabel Ye | | A weary detective searches for a missing loved one through a series of flashbacks. | |

She Never Felt The Cold by JD Gardner – Rating: G

United States – Runtime 01:41 – Rating: G | Director – JD Gardner | Writer – JD Gardner | | A fishing girl sees something strange appear in her cold paper world. | |

Finito by Mauricio Bartok – Rating: G

Brazil – Runtime 04:46 – Rating: G | Directors – Mauricio Bartok, Gabriel Dorazio | Writer – Mauricio Bartok | | Time passes for all, and at every choice a renounce is made. | |

Not That Beautiful by Miguel Quintero – Rating: PG

Canada – Runtime 05:49 – Rating: PG | Director – Miguel Quintero | Writer – Fernando Pintado | Key Cast – Cayetana Molla | | Snow White, fed up with the twists of her life, decides to have a few drinks at a bar, this being the start of a night you will never forget. | |

Dinner For Few by Nassos Vakalis – Rating: PG

Greece – Runtime 10:09 – Rating: PG | Director – Nassos Vakalis | Writer – Nassos Vakalis | | “Dinner for Few” is an allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, “the system” works like a well-oiled machine. It solely feeds the select few who eventually, foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on scraps from the table. Inevitably, when the supply is depleted, the struggle for what remains leads to catastrophic change. Sadly, the offspring of this profound transition turns out not to be a sign of hope, but the spitting image of the parents. | |

Wolves by Alvaro Rodriguez Areny – Rating: PG

Andorra – Runtime 11:50 – Rating: PG | Director – Alvaro Rodriguez Areny | Writer – Alvaro Rodriguez Areny | Key Cast – Isak Férriz | | World War II. Arthur, British Royal Air Force pilot, flees cross-country after his plane crashes. He begins a fight for survival in which he will encounter more than German enemies. | |

Sanctioned by Harry Ayiotis – Rating: PG

Cyprus – Runtime 17:51 – Rating: PG | Director – Harry Ayiotis | Writer – Harry Ayiotis | Key Cast – Andreas Tselepos, Antonis Katsaris, Marios Mettis, Nadia Mowafy | | In a dystopian future, it is legal to murder someone providing you have legally applied to the Ministry of Sanctioned Homicide to be given legal authorization to do so. Elias visits the Ministry to apply to kill one of his parents. | |

Absorbed by Dimitris Armenakis – Rating: PG

Greece – Runtime 08:27 – Rating: PG | Director – Dimitris Armenakis | Writer – Dimitris Armenakis | | A man is leaded to a mysterious house. As he follows the signs given, he is making a journey of no return. | |

Hada by Tony Morales – Rating: R

Spain – Runtime 09:00 – Rating: R | Director – Tony Morales | Writer – Tony Morales | Key Cast – Eva Isanta, Fernando Boza, Michel Hérraiz, Silvia Casanova | | Tonight, Hada comes to visit Daniel because her last child tooth as fallen out. What Daniel doesn´t expect is that his worst enemy is the light. | |

Murder Springs: Chapter One by Adam Van Dyke – Rating: R

United States – Runtime 04:32 – Rating: R | Director – Adam Van Dyke | Writer – Adam Van Dyke | Key Cast – Andrea Verdis, Nick De Bonis | | An elderly couple rekindle their lost spark over a grisly driving accident. | |

The Dark Hunger by Anthony Williams – Rating: R

United States – Runtime 15:00 – Rating: R | Director – Anthony Williams | Writer – Anthony Williams | Key Cast – John Crosthwaite, Nicholas J. Harden | | They took away his memory and his life, but gave him something worse in death. Now he must embrace the monster he’s become to regain his humanity. | |

Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir by David Maire – Rating: R

United States – Runtime 13:10 – Rating: R | Director – David E. Munz-Maire | Writer – David E. Munz-Maire | Key Cast – Michael Lorz, Sean Weil, Anthony del Negro, Nancy Nagrant, Pooya Mohensi | | ‘Chateau Sauvignon: terroir’ follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, and his missteps puts his family’s secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed. | |

Munchies by Sinead Stoddart – Rating: R

United Kingdom – Runtime 02:21 – Rating: R | Director – Sinead Stoddart | Writer – Sinead Stoddart | | Zombie Lee has an outrageous hunger that won’t be silenced by food alone. With his growing need to feed increasing, misjudgment and disaster arise in the kitchen, until a simple solution is found. And his rumbling is quenched. | |

A Father’s Day by Chris Lane – Rating: R

United Kingdom – Runtime 09:53 – Rating: R | Director – Mat Johns | Writer – Mat Johns | Key Cast – Garth Maunders, Hazel Gibson | | Today is special. Apocalypse or not. Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter amongst the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they are already dead. | |

The CCC16 Film Festival Winner – Best local production – Saturday (13:00 – 13:15)

Y.K.AN. by Andreas Sheittanis – Rating: PG

Cyprus – Runtime 14:56 – Rating: PG | Director – Andreas Sheittanis | Writer – Andreas Sheittanis | Key Cast – Constantinos Tsiolis, Sofoclis Kaskaounias, Demetris Kafataris, George Anagiotos, Charis Aristidou, Violeta Lorens, Loucas Louca | | A group of some rather mediocre superheroes, attempt to defeat a sort of evil villain. | |


*Rating Explanations:

GGeneral Audience, Suitable for all

PGParental Guidance, some scenes may not be suitable for young children

RRestricted, not suitable for kids under 16, strong language or visuals