Announcing new PopGen Asia section @CCC’16!

POPGEN-ASIA (1)Cyprus Comic Con is proud to announce PopGen Asia, a brand new area within the convention dedicated to Japanese, Korean & Asian culture. Short for Pop Generation Asia, this new zone will be hosting an array of shops, music, art, community groups, and more!

Taking into consideration the growing appreciation and global popularity of Asian culture, Cyprus Comic Con has decided to create a special area for fans of Anime, Manga, Asian music, food, cinema, fashion, etc to hang out and also meet like-minded individuals! So if you are looking to meet more Asian culture geeks, put on your Pikachu onesie or that pair of nekomimi cat ears and join the fun!

For those of you new to the Asian pop culture scene, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open because PopGen Asia will be packed with vibrant colours and sounds! You can expect to see fans dressed like their favourite J-pop or K-pop idol, anime cosplay, music and dancing, as well as some beautiful fan art and crafts. As for those of you with a sweet tooth, yummy and delicious Japanese sweets and other Asian snacks will be available for sale at some of the stalls throughout the section!

If you would like to exhibit or be part of PopGen Asia, please contact:

Crystal Michael