Cosplay Workshops 2016

cosplay (1)We are thrilled to announce that the Cyprus Comic Con Cosplay team will be holding weekly cosplay workshops involving demonstrations, lectures, hands-on crafting and costume advice.

The workshops will be taught by the community’s top cosplayers: high scorers in past Cyprus Comic Con cosplay competitions and local professionals. You will learn how to plan, craft, style and wear a cosplay costume from scratch (specifically, your CCC16 costume) alongside like-minded people.

We will be holding the workshops every Saturday, mostly in Nicosia with a couple happening in Limassol. Taking part is completely free!


In order to receive a productive experience from these workshops you need to:

  • Have a clear idea of what you want to cosplay
  • Be willing to complete a fully handmade costume to attend CCC16 in and participate in the Cosplay Contest
  • Be able to attend as many workshops as possible
  • Have even a little bit of experience with arts & crafts

The first workshop will take place on Saturday the 14th of May in Nicosia and it will include an introduction lecture and a consultation session on techniques and materials. We might ask for registrations if the demand is too high. For more details visit the Facebook event:

2 comments on “Cosplay Workshops 2016”
  1. Philip

    When and where will the workshop happen in Limassol?

    • Hi Philip, the Limassol workshops will probably happen on the 4th of June. The location hasn’t been decided on yet.

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