Glorious PCMR Community

One of our participants for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 is Glorious PCMR Community!

Glorious PCMR Community is a platform where people can share their passion about PC games and PCs in general. Members of the group can discuss the latest PC parts as well as games, but the founders of the group hope to grow into a mutually supportive and healthy community. It’s a place where you can show off your tool and let other people admire it, in its full glory.

If you’re passionate about all things PC related, make sure to join Glorious PCMR Community’s Facebook group!

Scrapyard War Cyprus

The veterans of Glorious PCMR Community will be hosting the Scrapyard War Cyprus for another year during CCC19!

During the first phase of the contest the judges will check and assess the value of money spent on each build while also grading their appearance and performance after . There it will be graded in parallel for both performance and performance after specific benchmarks. On the second day similarly to previous years, all builds will be entirely rated by the Cyprus Comic Con audience. The basic budget set by the organisers to enter the competition is up to 250€.

To find out more information about Scrapyard War Cyprus you can visit their Facebook group.

Watch the highlights of Scrapyard War Cyprus during Cyprus Comic Con 2017!

  • You must bring your own keyboard and mouse with you.
  • The screens that will be used for the contest use HDMI. This means you must have the appropriate cables or adapters with you.
  • The same applies to power cables or anything else you need in terms of power. For example, if you need a double power supply, you will have to bring the respective power plug or extension with you.
  • All builds must have Windows 10 installed.
  • All GPUs must be able to support DX10 and above.
  • The box will not be included in the final cost price (custom PC case gets extra points).
  • In the 250€ budget the parts that will be measured are: the motherboard, processor, ram, power supply, graphics card, hard drive and cooler. (If the cooler of your choice is aftermarket then it automatically enters the budget of your computer. Manufactured and custom coolers will not be charged.)
  • Money that will be spent purely on the aesthetics will not be included in the cost of the final construction (case mods, lighting, paint fans etc).

❗The contest includes the word “Scrap” for a specific reason. The main purpose is to create custom PCs through everyone’s imagination. A Build made from new products will not get the same rating as a build made with imagination, recyclable products and generally staying within the “scrap” concept.