The Super Smash Bros. Tournament @CCC16!

Calling all Super Smash Bros players!

Super_Smash_Bros_4_merged_logo,_no_subtitleWhether you are a war-ready Smasher or just a casual Bro, the Super Smash Bros. Tournament at Cyprus Comic Con 2016 is the place for you to have some great fun testing your skills against other players, with the chance to also win amazing prizes!

The Super Smash Bros. Tournament is organised by community group Cyprus Smash Brothers. Make sure to join their group on Facebook, to stay up to date with the upcoming tournament at Comic Con, as well as future events!

Participate in the Super Smash Bros. Tournament!

About Cyprus Smash Brothers

Cyprus Smash Brothers is a community group where people who love Super Smash Bros. can get together, both online and locally, to play their favourite fighting game, meet new people and downright have fun!

Tournament Prizes:

1st Place Winner – New 3DS (Black)

2nd Place Winner – Gameboy BackPack, Starfox Zero for the WiiU and Donkey Kong figurine


Special Raffle Prize:

Additionally, there is also a third prize up for grabs, which will be given to a lucky tournament participant through a Raffle!
Just by entering and competing in the Super Smash Bros. Tournament, participants will have a chance to win a Smash Bros. Edition GameCube controller with the Smash Bros. official logo!

Prizes are kindly sponsored by Gamers’ Boulevard.


Entry Fee: €12 (EU)




6 comments on “The Super Smash Bros. Tournament @CCC16!”
  1. Andreas 2

    Did you get my registration. I registered last week

    • Maroulla Demolitions

      Under what name did you apply for the tournament? 🙂

  2. George Aristodemou

    Eshei thesis akoma?

  3. George Aristodemou

    Are the 32 places in the tourney filled yet or not?

    • Maroulla Demolitions

      Yes! There still are spots left!

    • Maroulla Demolitions

      I’m affraid the last few remaining spots have been taken! The roster is now full.

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