Artist Profile: Winter’s Verge

Winter’s Verge are returning to Cyprus Comic Con as Featured Artists, to showcase the immersive fantasy universe they have created alongside their music!

About the band

Winter’s Verge are one of Cyprus’ most established metal bands. Formed in 2004 by singer George Charalambous, the band has released four full-length albums in its history, and has been an active force on the Cyprus scene as well as abroad. Winter’s Verge are also noted for their immersive world-building, and an entire realm exists within which all Winter’s Verge songs play a part and a role in an overarching storyline and universe.

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The World of Tiberon

Tiberon is a rich and varied place, with a diverse cast of characters, locations and various histories that are being explored by the band’s music. The world of Tiberon is constantly being updated and developed, as the band creates more music so does Tiberon take on a definitive character and form.

In 2015, the band took the decision to branch out into not just producing music and the standard merchandise, but to commit to further developing Tiberon and the stories that take place within it, as an inspiration for, and from, the music that the band creates.


Working with several talented local artists, Winter’s Verge are in the process of developing a unique experience for all fans of the band. To this end, Winter’s Verge have created a varied line of merchandise to support and complement this world.

Along with the usual T-shirts, Winter’s Verge are proud to display a range of innovative merchandise, relating to the band’s storytelling prowess, exhibiting the band’s creativity and offering to fans the chance to discover all there is to know about Tiberon, along with clues of what to expect in the future!

Winter’s Verge are proud to be a part of Cyprus Comic Con 2016, where they will offer their full range of merchandise as well as all of their albums to date!

Make sure to stop by their booth to learn more about the Tiberon universe and the band’s future projects!

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