Super Smash Bros. Tournament – Prizes announcement

Cyprus Smash Brothers are proud to announce the prizes for this year’s Super Smash Bros Nationals taking place at Cyprus Comic Con on August 29 at Filoxenia Conference Centre.
comic con

The prizes are:

  • 1st place winner – Xbox One Console
  • 2nd place winner – Iron Man 3 ArtFx Statue 1/6 – 38cm tall
  • 3rd place winner – Marvel Comics – ArtFx + Statue 1/10 Deadpool (Marvel Now Series) – 15cm

Prizes are kindly sponsored by Gamers’ Boulevard.

The gaming events at Cyprus Comic Con are made possible by Sony PlayStation Cyprus, Bionic, Synergia Media, Shark and G3 Great Games.

Read more about this year’s Smash Nationals

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4 comments on “Super Smash Bros. Tournament – Prizes announcement”
  1. Khalifa Tijjani

    I’ve signed up but I still have’nt recieved an email or notification

    • Guildmaster Wigglytuff

      There is one regstration by the name of “Usman Auwalu Othman Tijjani”, however. If that is you, then, yes, you’re registered.

      • Khalifa Tijjani

        Yes, I’m Usman Auwalu Othman, So do I just go there on the day and pay the fee or will i recieve anything beforehand??

  2. Guildmaster Wigglytuff

    Registrations were closed since 12/8/2015. I’m affraid we have no registered record of one named “Khalifa Tijjani”.
    We’re sorry.

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