Artist Profile: Siew Anastasiou

Siew Luan Anastasiou was born in Malaysia and studied Medical Biochemistry in the University of Birmingham in the UK. She is married and has been living in Cyprus since 1987. She has worked as a biology teacher in secondary schools.

Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, was an important part of her life from her childhood years when she was introduced to its endless possibilities and creative potential.

Samples of her work can be found on her facebook page, Siew’s Origami.

Most of her origami are folded from a single piece of paper without any cutting and gluing. Some of her favourite designs are from master origamists such as Robert Lang, Satoshi Kamiya and Kade Chan.

Siew has made models of dragons, tarantula, snakes, Pegasus, T-rex, Super Mario family, roses, Christmas trees, elephants, rabbits… the list is endless!!

She takes part as an origami expert in exhibitions and public events, delivers lessons and takes orders for various types of origami creations.

Siew impressed everyone with her incredible origami designs at last year’s convention and we are confident that she will present something exquisite again this year.

Are you also looking forward to more of Siew’s origami creations? Let us know in the comments below!