Sponsor Announcement: Arnold’s Digital Printers LTD

Cyprus Comic Con is pleased to inform you that Arnold’s Digital Printers LTD is one of our sponsors for this year’s event!

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With continuous upward growth since 1995 the company managed to evolve, develop and distinguish itself through competition and at the same time create a name synonymous with quality and reliability.

ARNOLD LOGOHaving always in mind the needs of the market, the company invested towards quality, economical and fast digital prints.

The company’s core business is the production of digital printing for indoor and outdoor areas in large and smaller size.

Originally the basic equipment of the company was 2 large-format indoor digital printing machines. One third machine was added as the turnover of the company increased gradually through the years.

The expertise and focus in digital printing has brought further substantial investment in the latest type of equipment for indoor and outdoor printing, consolidating the company into the market and making it as one of the larger-from production size perspective- perhaps the largest-private company in digital printing in Cyprus.