Artist Profile: Raphaella Theodorou

Young illustrator Raphaella Theodorou is the newest addition to our Featured Artists roster for CCC16!

Raphaella was born in 1998 and has been drawing since merely 8 years old. Her very first few drawings were primarily inspired by the popular Disney animation Lion King (1994). As a young artist, she loved drawing animals, while at the age of 12 years old, she first discovered anime and manga art, which subsequently became her passion. She continued practicing her drawing through high school and believes her illustrations now have more depth and detail, enabling her to do create more realistic art such as portraits. Her favourite drawing materials to use are pen and ink, watercolours and colouring pencils.

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After visiting Cyprus Comic Con last year, Raphaella says her friends all encouraged her to keep practicing and improving her artwork and apply to participate as an artist! She is very thankful towards her friends and family for their support and she is very excited to proudly showcase her creations at CCC16 this September!