Artist Profile: Dorina Panayiotopoulou (Aniro)

Dorina Panayiotopoulou (also known as Aniro) is a 23-year-old artist from Athens, currently studying architecture. Dorina has always loved to draw, but never really thought of making her own comics until two years ago, when a close friend suggested that she takes a six-month seminar about comics.

For more of Dorina’s work, follow her on Facebook and Tumblr.

When she creates comics, Dorina feels very happy and complete. She usually draws inspiration from the city and people around her. In the future she hopes to make a living out of her comics and to travel all around the world!

Dorina has just completed her first comic book ‘Lost Soul’, which is about a girl who has forgotten her dreams and is trapped in the stressful rhythm of the city, in a social system based on money and exploitation, doing the same boring things day after day, living like a zombie. Until, one day something happens.

“In a period of time when the only thing they want is to control and manipulate us, the only thing we can do is to stay creative and continue to express ourselves.” – Aniro

Cyprus Comic Con 2015 is the first convention that Dorina is attending and she is very excited to be participating as a featured artist!

We are very excited to have Dorina featuring at our Comic Con! We hope you are also looking forward to seeing more of her work, as well as her first comic book ‘Lost Soul’! Leave us your comments below!