Featured Participant: Indie Studio Evistoria Games

Newly formed local indie game studio Evistoria Games will attend this year’s Cyprus Comic Con!

The developers will reveal to us the fictional world of “Yenefan” – an unusual place, where four individuals with unique abilities are forced to form an unlikely alliance in order to save the world from an ancient prophecy – or else they will forever rot in the King’s dungeons!

The game, which is an action/adventure with RPG elements, is still on its early stages of development and the team behind it is thrilled to showcase the first samples of their work. Their initial goal is for the game to be released in 2020 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Evistoria Games was formed in 2017, while the core team has been working on Yenefan, their first game, since 2016. Their love for story-driven games has led them to grow and form their own kinds of alliances with other talented artists and programmers. The founders decided to form the studio after noticing the big variety of talented artists on previous Comic Cons and the need for a local project, so they would be able to promote their work, helping them follow their dream career at video game studios.

You can follow Evistoria Games through their official website (www.evistoriagames.com) or through their pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!