Maria Christina Loizou

Hi! My name is MC and I specialized in Multimedia Arts and Digital Illustrations and I hail from the wild west Texas! Fort Worth Texas y’all!

During the day, I work full time as Senior Digital Designer for Hellofresh in the U.S, responsible for E-learning gamification designs for adult training and internal social media designs. And during night time, I work as an illustrator, creating different arts whether digital or traditional!

I began my journey as a self-taught artist, using photography as my references when learning how to draw, along with various self-guided artbooks, while also partaking in artist groups to help advance my skills more by meeting other fellow artists!

Drawing and creating has always been a deep passion of mine ever since I was a kid, as I pour a little of my soul into each design/drawing. My creative path led me to apply at the University of Nicosia after finishing high school, earning my Bachelors in Applied Multimedia Arts and Minors in Graphic Design!

From there, I took it upon myself to keep advancing my creative skills, such as learning on gamification design skills, video edition and animation, along with partaking in various Artist Alleys conventions (such as Akon and AnimeFest) both in the U.S and EU!

At the end of the day, what keeps my inspiration going is meeting other amazing fellow artists, engaging with creative peeps and learning new skills each time! Or just geeking out in board games and DnD sessions!

I look forward to meeting everyone this year at CCC 2023! It’s been a while and I just can’t wait!

You can find Maria’s work on her Instagram page.