Maria Bintzilaiou – Seeker

Maria Bintzilaiou – Seeker, was born in Athens in 1997 and has been drawing since she remembers and is self-taught in the field of comics, while is currently a student at the University of Fine Arts at Ioannina in an attempt to combine the comics she so loves with the “something” of the painting element.

Having discovered her love for comics and more specifically manga at the age of junior high school, Maria who liked drawing, mermaids, dinosaurs and mythology, vowed to one day turn her stories into comics. The nickname Seeker emerged from her never ending quest of perfecting both skill and art style – or so she says. In April of 2022 she printed the first volume of her self-published work titled “Priers, Manifesting”, followed by the next volume a year later, “Priers, Aggravated” and is aiming on self publishing more volumes and creating more comics and zines.

In the year 2022, she attended the ComicDom Athens Convention, the ComicCon Thessaloniki Convention, the AthensCon Convention and in 2023, so far she has attended the ComicDom Athens and the ComicCon Thessaloniki Conventions.

In the near future she would be interested in working as a concept artist in the field of tabletop roleplay games like World of Darkness which she loves very much and which hasn’t ceased to be a source of inspiration for her.

You can find Maria’s work on her Instagram page.