Let’s talk about food!

fringeThe team of Cyprus Comic Con has made sure to satisfy your appetite during the two days of the event! We have secured some great quality food vendors to sell delicious food and refreshing drinks in the outdoor Fringe Festival area, offering a variety of different foods, from pizza and traditional souvlaki and sandwiches to crepes and ice cream!

Please note however that food is prohibited inside the halls so make sure you enjoy your meals outside the premises!

Our Fringe Festival’s food vendors are:

  • Pizza Hut – will offer all pizza combinations from their menu, as well as their tasty goodies from Wing Street!
  • Serial Griller – will serve mostly grilled tastes such as burgers, hot dogs etc.
  • Sir Franjolaki – Sir Franjolaki will serve warm and cold sandwiches, souvlaki in pita etc.
  • Crepart – Will serve sweet and savory crepes
  • Coffeeshop – Will serve all kinds of coffee and savories such as cheese pies, spinach pies etc.
  • Παγωταρία – Will serve ice cream during the hottest time of day!