Artist Profile: Andrea Pavlou

Meet our next Featured Artist for CCC16, talented illustrator Andrea Pavlou!

Andrea Pavlou (aka Akina) is a young artist from Cyprus, who throughout her life has been experimenting with different types of art such as fine art, photography, digital film, concept art and illustration. Art has always been a creative outburst, in which she could expand and broaden her artistic side and abilities. Lately, she has been focusing on character and environment design and development, sculpting and concept art, with the help of Digireal Studios. She has just finished school and will go on to study 3D Animation & Computer modelling at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.

To see more of Andrea’s work, visit her page on Facebook.

For her illustrations she mainly enjoys working with inks and fine liners, to create delicate black and white pieces, with a hint of mystery, focusing on dot work, line work and inking. Andrea’s inspirations mainly come from the Japanese culture, nature, as well as traditional tattoo works. Her photography has been featured in annual calendars and has also worked as freelancer, creating illustrations and designs for tattoos. Her hobbies include crafting inspired from video games and movies, as well as the art of cosplay and cosplay photography.

As an aspiring animator, she is looking forward to exploring different areas of Animation, including 2D, 3D & stop motion animation, visual effects, as well as game design and development. She hopes to travel the world and work in major movie features, as well as become a part-time tattoo artist!