“Filoxenia” welcomes Cyprus Comic Con 2015!

The countdown to Cyprus Comic Con 2015 has begun! The date has been confirmed to be August 29th and the event will be running all day (09:00-21:00). The Cyprus Comic Con organising committee has announced that this year’s event will be held at Filoxenia Conference Centre, in Nicosia.

“Filoxenia Conference Centre features large and commodious event spaces that can fulfill the Comic Con requirements. The building’s design allows for multiple events to take place simultaneously, each at their respective areas. This is ideal to accommodate for the various tournaments and other activities that will be scheduled for the day. Furthermore, Filoxenia has the necessary facilities and equipment that is required for such a demanding event and therefore is more than suitable to host the second and even bigger than last year Cyprus Comic Con!” said Peter Hvass, member of the organising committee.

A number of esteemed and distinguished Cypriot and international creators from every end of the Pop-Culture spectrum have been invited to visit this year’s Cyprus Comic Con. These special guests’ names will be announced shortly.

Identically to last year, a diverse selection of artists, both local and international, will have the opportunity to promote and showcase their work to the general public at the convention. In addition, the event will feature a mini short film festival, seminars and workshops, video game and trading card game tournaments, a cosplay competition, a comics and games bazaar and many more surprises in store, soon to be announced by the Cyprus Comic Con team. Additionally, a number of video game and comic book stores will be present at the convention, offering a vast selection of comics, video games, action figures and other collectibles for sale.

The online registration process for the cosplay competition is already underway. Similarly, artists wishing to showcase their work at the convention are currently sending in their applications, while participating store registrations are also ongoing. For more information, interested persons can contact Mr. Tony Michaels (99-327736), or visit the Cyprus Comic Con website (www.cypruscomiccon.org).