Artist Applications Announcement

To all the artists that have applied to participate in Cyprus Comic Con 2015:

First of all, we are happy to announce that our team has started processing and replying to artist applications so make sure to check your inbox for your results!

The approved artists that will be showcasing their work at this year’s convention have been divided into two categories:

1) Professional or semi-professional artists that are on their way to being published or have been working on their own self-published books and comics. These artists will have their own table at the convention.

2) Upcoming, talented new artists and skilled fan art hobbyists. For this group of artists we have created an area called the Artists Corner, where they will be able to network, share knowledge and inspire each other! These artists will be given shared table space at the convention.

Please do not be disappointed if you are selected to be in Artists Corner, as both sections will have equal opportunities for promotion and you can look forward to taking part in fun drawing activities during the convention!

We believe our decision to be fair, as it will allow for more local artists to feature at the Con.

If you have any questions regarding your application or require more information, please email us at: