Featured shop: Tapped Out

Tapped Out is a shop that specializes in Trading card games, Miniature games and Board games.Tapped Out Logo
They sell a variety of brands that are readily recognized by the casual gamer and some that are more … obscure.
Tapped Out was established with the gamer in mind.
They have been providing a quiet corner for all ages of table top gamers for the past 7 years.
In Tapped Out, one can play or learn to play games like YuGiOh, Pokemon, D&D, Settlers of Katan and basically anything the shop stocks!
Even though Tapped Out is located in Larnaca, games can be delivered all over the island.
Check out their Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/TappedOutCyprus.
There, you can find out when they have upcoming discount days, games competitions and much more!
You can also place orders or make enquiries about games they stock.
If they don’t already have it in our shop, they aim to get it for you!
Feel free to contact them on their FB page or by email to info@tapped-out.com.