Anime House supports CCC!

On December 2012, started operating as an online store. It begun as a project from anime fans for anime fans…

AHlogo_zpsc8950d8aWith the operation of their online store you can order products and have them delivered from Greece at your door!

That is why their motto is “The anime side of life”!

Anime House opened its shop on August 2013 offering to all Salonica fans of manga and anime their own space with thousands of products from anime, manga, cosplay, video games, collectible card games, fantasy games and more!

They chose as a logo the Torii , the traditional Japanese gate which marks the entrance to a ‘sacred place’.

And that is because all who like anime and manga are fans of the Japanese Culture.

They stand in respect and love towards a civilization which is not ours but for which it amazes and carries in their veins.

The Anime side of life!

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