Featured Shop: Isengard Fantasy Shop


One of the stores that will present at this year’s Comic Con is Isengard Fantasy Shop. Isengard is participating for a third time at CCC and will offer plenty of fun activities for you fantasy hobbyists to enjoy.

If you are a fan of games like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, make sure to visit the Isengard booth in the main hall for a wide selection of gaming products on sale as well as introductory sessions hosted by our experienced staff.

Here is what you can expect to take part in for this year’s Con!

  • Magic Intro Sessions – Isengard Booth Main Hall: Join Isengard’s experienced staff and learn how to play Magic The Gathering, the most popular trading card game in the world!
  • DND Intro Sessions – Isengard Booth Main Hall: Become a hero and slay evil monsters as you delve into the world of Dungeons and Dragons fantasy roleplay
  • Board Game Sessions – Board games room – Basement Level: Enjoy a variety of board games for some casual fun running all day long!
  • Magic Minisealed Event – TCG Room – Basement Level: Create your own Magic Deck and play against other casual players for some great prizes!
  • MKM Trial Event – TCG Room Basment Level: Test your standard format deck in this competitive MKM Prague series trial event for high level prizes!

flyer flyer2Isengard’s Activities Schedule

Saturday September 3rd

10AM-1PM Magic Intro Sessions

10AM-7PM Board Game Sessions

2PM-7PM DND Intro Sessions

2PM-7PM Magic Minisealed Event


Sunday September 4th

10AM-1PM Magic Intro Sessions

10AM-8PM Board Game Sessions

2PM-8PM DND Intro Sessions

2PM-8PM Magic Minisealed Event

2PM-8PM MKM Trial Event

For more info about Isengard’s events visit the shop’s booth in the main hall or contact beforehand!

For the latest updates, comic con schedule, and prize lists, stay tuned on Isengard Fantasy Shop’s page and don’t forget to check out the Isengard CCC’16 promo video!


“We are very excited to announce that we have secured collaborations and sponsorships by Magiccardmarket, Ultimate Guard, Games-Workshop and Kaissagames! This means that the prizes that will be given out at this year’s convention will be absolutely amazing! We look forward to seeing each and every member of our thriving community at the Comic Con for some ridiculous gaming fun, and we invite all aspiring wizards, adventurers and warriors to join the ranks of our happy family! “– Nicholas Wilson and Isengard Team

Isengard Fantasy Shop is sponsored by:

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