Artist Profile: Melenia Koutsogianni

The next Featured Artist that will be showcasing her work at CCC16 is the young illustrator Melenia Koutsogianni!

Melenia finished her foundation course at Plakas Art Center in 2010 and went on to do a year of Fine Arts in Oxford Brookes University in Oxford. She studied with Mr. Andreas Aggelopoulos in Patras, Greece for 2 years, where she practiced illustration and comics.

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She is currently living in Nicosia, where, with the help of the talented crew of Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories, is preparing for further studies in Denmark.

Her drawing style consists of using mainly traditional art mediums, using pencils, pens, inks and watercolours. She is inspired by artists such as Chiara Bautista, Loish, Moon, Herakut among many others. She enjoys drawing tentacles, pretty girls and morbid stuff!