Featured Shop: Antiquarian World

Antiquarian_Logo_Compass PNGOne of the participating stores for this year’s Comic Con is Antiquarian World!

Antiquarian World is not your classic antique or modern art shop. It’s a concept, a philosophy; Antiquarian World is a physical aesthetic representation of the fantasy and fictional sub-genre inspired by 19th-century steam power, elegance and romanticism with a modernity spin to it. At Antiquarian World they create custom steampunk creations such as industrial lighting, ornaments and jewellery. They are also specialised in bar interior decoration and custom industrial creations used in such settings.

Some of their projects include lighting for Farma Project, Custom bar equipment for Palia Pineza, interior decoration for houses and shops.

There will be two Steampunk handicraft workshops in Kyrenia lecture theatre each day of the convention. Saturday 13:00 and 16:00 and Sunday 13:00 and 16:00. During each workshop a small group of volunteers from the audience will have the opportunity to build their own steam punk accessories hands-on.

Visit Antiquarian World’s website here.

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  1. Miranda Tringis

    This steampunk time traveller says YAAAYYYY!!!

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