Bus Tickets Information

Buses from Paphos & Limassol will be available on both Comic Con dates, to take you to and from the convention venue at Filoxenia Conference Centre, Nicosia.

The following ticket prices are per day and include the return journey. There are no one-way tickets being sold as this is a fixed rate. Buses will arrive directly to Filoxenia. Please note that for arrival on Saturday and departure on Sunday you will need to purchase both a Saturday ticket and a Sunday ticket.


Bus Ticket Prices

Paphos:  9 euros
Limassol: 7 euros

Pick-up/drop-off points:

Paphos – GSK (Pafiako) Stadium

Limassol – Tsireio Stadium


Paphos bus sets off at exactly 09:00AM.

Limassol bus sets off at exactly 10:00AM.


At night, all the buses will leave for the return journey to the other cities at the following times:

On Saturday the return journey will begin at 20:00 (8PM)
On Sunday the return journey will begin at 21:00 (9PM)


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You can also find more public transport & general travel information on our access page.

22 comments on “Bus Tickets Information”
  1. Philip

    Can we pay directly to the bus?

    • Bus tickets must be bought online – we will announce on Friday if there are any limited number of remaining seats that can be paid for on the spot. Thanks!

  2. Konstantinos

    What about some people in Nicosia outskirts like geri latsia strovolos and more like that and not have a way to arrive at CCC in just in case?

    • Hi Konstatinos! For those in Nicosia without cars the best bet would either be a taxi or a bus from OSEL (http://www.osel.com.cy/) – for buses you could go to Solomos Square and then get the 150 to the stop at Aglantzias Avenue 2 – this is right round the corner from the comic con. You can see it on a map at https://cypruscomiccon.org/access/

  3. Misa

    The bus stop for Larnaca will it be at the old GSZ Stadium or the new GSZ Stadium?

    • Hello! It’s the Old GSZ!

  4. Philip

    I will re ask the question and edit it a bit so. Can we pay in person for the bus and then not take the trip back?

    • Hi Philip, I’m afraid we only accept online payments so that we can pre-book your seat.

      • Philip

        Then if we do book a ticket, can we not take the journey back?

        • yes, you are asked which routes you will board for in a form during the checkout stage.

  5. panayiotis

    hi, i have paid for the bus for both days and for the weekend pass ticket, total is 19 euro, i have printed out the receipt from the paypal. will i have another receipt from you or i show this one to the bus driver and to the comiccon entrance?

    • Hi Panayiotis – you should have received an order confirmation email containing a bar code and further information as well. If you haven’t received this please email us at team@cypruscomiccon.org with your full name, email and PayPal transaction ID so we can resend your confirmation.

  6. stella

    Good day…. if I book tomorrow seats for the bus, will their be seats available ???

    • Hi stella, yes bus seats are still available!

  7. Yiannos Stylianou

    How many tickets are available for the Limassol bus?

    • there’s enough left still, book your ticket soon!

  8. Panikos

    Can I book bus tickets today??

    • Hi Paniko, the Saturday busses are full. The Sunday busses aren’t full yet but the online sales are closed. You can try your luck by going to the bus pickup-stop on Sunday and asking to buy a seat there if you want.

      • panikos

        is there not even one seat…??? what abt the paphos bus ??? can i get that one…..??? since i will be dressed up it is a bit embarrassing to use the intercity bus

      • Antonio

        are the saturday buses for Larnaca full?

  9. Antonio

    Is there a Larnaka bus?

  10. Hannah Scott

    Are there still buses available on Sunday?

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