Featured Participant: Write CY

Write CY is a Nicosia-based community creative space dedicated to bringing the creative writing experience to the public. They offer intimate writing classes and workshops led by professionals in Greek and English for all ages, interests and abilities, and collaborate on community creative writing projects in Cyprus and abroad.

‘The Comic Book Project’

‘The Comic Book Project’ has taken 5 talented scriptwriters from Write CY’s first comic book writing course and put them in touch with a team of insanely talented local artists to produce 5 original comic books in time for Cyprus Comic Con 2016. Why? Because they thought it would be very very very cool!

Learn more about the project at ‘The Comic Book Project‘. If you’re a writer or artist and you’d like to learn how to make a comic book at Cyprus Comic Con, keep reading to find out more about ‘The 48-Hour Comic Book‘.

Press Release

The 100% community-sourced ‘Comic Book Project’ has brought local writers and artists together to produce five original comic books for Cyprus Comic Con 2016. The project—a first on the island—was the brainchild of comic book writer Antonis Bargilly and writer Max Sheridan, and came out of their 8-week comic book script writing course at Write CY, a community creative writing space in Old Nicosia.

Once they had the scripts, the next step for Bargilly and Sheridan was to find 5 local artists to bring them to life with their artwork. The open call for collaboration surpassed all expectations and the Comic Book Project now boasted illustrators, letterers, cover artists and even an architect.

Bargilly and Sheridan will be launching their comic books at Comic Con 2016 and organising a two-day event for aspiring comic book writers and artists called the ‘48-Hour Comic Book‘, which will give the public the opportunity to learn the basics of comic book script-writing and illustrating and to actually produce a comic book in just two days. The event will be open to the public but space is limited.

For more information about the ‘Comic Book Project’ and how to apply for the ’48-Hour Comic Book’, visit this page.


The ’48-Hour Comic Book’

Aspiring comic book writers and artists have the unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of comic book script-writing and illustrating with professionals and produce an original 12-page comic book at Cyprus Comic Con 2016.

The program includes:

—introductory meeting before Cyprus Comic Con
—comic book scriptwriting and illustrating workshops at Comic Con led by professionals
—5-hour scrip-writing and illustrating sessions, guided by scriptwriters and artists from The Comic Book Project



Registration is free with entrance to Comic Con, but space is limited. Please don’t forget to provide a link to your work. The final date for submitting your application is Friday August 26, 2016.

About the Creators

Max+Sheridan+250x250Max Sheridan

Max grew up reading comic books and watching a lot of horror movies but ended up becoming a short story writer. His short fiction has appeared in a number of publications in the US, UK and elsewhere. He’s the director of Write CY, a creative space in Old Nicosia dedicated to creative writing and community storytelling, and co-director of Storyline Creatives, where he helps other people tell their stories.

For more info visit his personal website.

If you have a creative project you would like to discuss, drop him a line at info@writecy.com.



Antonis+250x250Antonis Bargilly

Antonis has been storytelling since childhood. Even as he became a professional musician and composer, he continued to tell stories (albeit a lot of them would be told with sounds rather than words), and use different means to craft them. Along with his friend, Antonis Aristodemou, he opened Ant Comics, the first comics shop in Cyprus, almost a decade ago.

It was during this period that he founded the Cyprus Comic Society, a 2-year project that brought local writers and comics artists together. He studied education and has over 20 years of experience teaching in different disciplines and to all ages and group sizes. At Write CY, he is bringing everything together – comics, teaching and storytelling – in his unique Comics Writing class. (Well, everything minus the music, obviously!)