Artist Profile: Kritonia Eleftheriou

Kritonia Eleftheriou is returning to Cyprus Comic Con as one of our Featured Artists!

Kritonia is 17 years old and she is still a student. She has always been fond of the world of comics and it has been her main motive to practice and improve on her art skills in order to one day become a professional comics artist. Her first drawing projects consisted mainly of anime character fan art, while later on she started studying anatomy and developing more of a personal style.

Visit Kritonia’s page on Facebook for more of her creations.

At first she started experimenting with traditional art (pencil and ink on paper) and then she got more into digital art. Kritonia always looks for inspiration by researching other artists’ work, brainstorming ideas and writing notes. Her art teacher played an important role in her life and taught her many things that have helped shape her as an artist to this day.

Kritonia recalls her previous participation in Cyprus Comic Con as one of the “best experiences in her life”, for allowing her to meet other like-minded artists, learn different styles and techniques and more. She says she is always looking forward to the Comic Con every year and is very thankful to be able to participate once again!